Top 10 Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria


Nigeria is a heterogeneous nation with 36 States across the country, with the proclamation of the country as the most populated country in the black nation, it’s without a doubt that there are several lucrative business ideas you can venture into and earn as much profit as possible.

Do you really need the top-notch list of lucrative and comfortable business ideas in Nigeria? I guess your response is capital Yes, then endeavor to read and digest this piece you are reading as it contains nothing but the business ideas that are very lucrative in the giant of Africa, Nigeria!

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1. Sale of Furniture

Capitalizing on locally made furniture in Nigeria is a goldmine. This lucrative business idea doesn’t require you to possess Carpentry skills before you can become one, you can contact a seasoned and skilled carpenter to supply your furniture and display them in your showroom. If you have the money, this is a good and lucrative business idea in Nigeria to begin with.

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2. Water Production

Pure water production – as it’s popularly called in Nigeria – is another impressive business you can start in Nigeria. Truth be told, this business idea is capital intensive albeit it worth investing in it, most especially if it’s handle with care and good professionalism.

3. Oil and Gas Business

Do you have a whopping sum of money in your possession and need a lucrative business idea you can capitalize on? The oil and gas business is no doubt the most lucrative business idea for you.

The supplying of kerosene, distribution of diesel, owning petrol filling stations, and the likes are the key areas you can easily invest your money on and make good returns from the business.

4. Hotel Business

Talking about the coolest money-making business opportunity in Nigeria, the hotel business can never be overemphasized. If you have what it takes to invest in the hotel business of small scale with just 10 suites, why don’t you give it a try and see as this lucrative business opportunity rakes in profit?

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5. Dry Cleaning

Of course, a reliable dry cleaning business at affordable prices is somewhat rare in Nigeria. What the country has is mediocre dry cleaners with extremely high service fees and they never stick to time. If you can balance this business opportunity up, it’s a lucrative business idea that you can start in your living room.

In fact, you can rent out an apartment, buy a new and quality washing machine, 3 sets of irons, and other necessary materials meant for running the business and employ someone else who will be delivering the proceeds to you weekly or monthly – to take charge of the business in your stead.

6. Car Wash

Just like the dry cleaning business, the car wash business is also a fantastic business idea that requires professionalism in its realm, too. This is a good business opportunity that you can kick start with little capital and become your own boss in no time.

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Plus, setting up this business requires you to look for a developed part of the country where there are plethora numbers of private and commercial cars plying their trade on and off the street of the state. Example of a good environment for this business includes Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Porthacort, Kano, etc.

7. Cinema Show Business

Are you aware of the fact that the center of entertainment in the whole of Africa is Nigeria? I guess you don’t know that Nigeria has the highest number of entertainment consumers in Africa, such is how viable and lucrative the cinema business is in Nigeria.

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However, the above-mentioned are a few lucrative business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria that you wouldn’t regret venturing into in the later years.


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