How to Make Money Online in India for Students

Welcome to 9JJATODAY.COM BUSINESS SECTION. In this post, we will be providing answers to your question “how to make money online in India for students”. The ideas we will be sharing with you isn’t theoretical ideas only, they are ideas student have used and are still using to make money in India legitimately. We advise you to read through this blog post carefully with keen attention and also practice the money-making ideas shared within.

As a part 21st century generation, you most likely just like every typical student is spending hours which amounts to days and weeks in front of the web either reading about your favorite celebrities, watching online movies, catting away your time and doing things that never bring in any check but rather leaves you broke. Am not against having fun via the internet but Do you know you can turn those unproductive hours you spend online just doing nothing but waste your data into a steady stream of income? You don’t have to spend more time ( in most cases you spend lesser time) just about that same time but on doing something that will earn you money.

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The Internet Is more than what you already know, the world is evolving and becoming a global market where the people literally do everything online. Still, the internet is a good source of information providing tons of information across a vast topic in different areas of life. The internet for most students is a large encyclopedia that is accessible to everyone from any part of the world to obtain information.

However, the internet has opened a hell lot of money-making opportunities for anyone to earn including the students. The money-making possibilities for students are uncountable with guaranteed cash. These online market has created many ways for people to earn money. Students through the internet can now earn enough to fulfill their extra need, or to spend on their Girlfriend or to help their family easier than ever to by using any of the various methods provided by the internet. If you have been looking for “how to make money online in India for students” then this is it.

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Note these ideas provided in this blog post will not make you a millionaire in 24hours. They all require to have to work and spend some time to earn. But definitely, you can earn big money through these ideas but with commitment and patience.

We will divide these ideas into three subsections.

  1. Make money online in India for students by Proving and selling unique content.
  2. Blogging
  3. Youtube videos
  4. Ebooks
  5. Make money online in India for students by Selling online
  6. Sell your Old Textbooks
  7. Sell Gadgets online
  8. Make money in India by doing some jobs online

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With this in mind, let’s dive straight into it.

Make money online in India for students by Proving and selling unique content.

Start Blogging:

Blogging remains one of the best ways to make money online and attain fame at any particular niche you choose to and the earning potential is very high. You can become a millionaire just blogging as there are thousand and one ways bloggers can use to make money online with their blogs.


However, blogging is not as easy as just starting one, you have to write articles and do some SEO, but it’s fun and with commitment and some hard work you can build a stream of income for yourself.

Start on YouTube

Video blogging using the free Youtube platform is another way in which you can make money as a student in India. You can create videos on any topic of your choice then upload on youtube and monetize it. Creating an account on youtube or channel is pretty easy and you don’t need to pay any dime as everything is completely free. To make money with your videos you have to get views and subscribers and that’s where the work comes in. you have to create quality videos on interesting topics to get views and subscribers.

Sell Stock Photos

Do you have a skill in photography or you are a graphic designer and you’ve gathered a great piece or have designed nice portraits then why don’t you trade it in for money and you can do this from your dorm room? There are different sites that will pay you for your photos.  Two of Such sites includes: Shutterstock Fotolia etc

Write E-Books

Still, in the category of providing original content, you can also write and sell Ebooks online. You can write ebooks on literally anything. How-to ebooks sell the more but you can follow any niche and write on any topic but the key is to write on a topic that is trending in that niche and people are willing to pay for.

Content writer/ freelancer:

As mentioned above, to be a successful blogger, you have to write quite a great number of articles and must continue writing to remain relevant in your nice. Unfortunately, it can be tiring for the solo blogger as they often meet with writer’s block or simply tired of busy and in that effect would want to hire a writer. So if you are a good writer, present yourself and improve on your writing skill and get hired to write for the big blogs for a fee.

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Make money online in India for students by Selling online

Sell Your Old Textbooks

As a student, mostly what we have as a property is our textbooks. Why don’t you make money from old textbooks that you won’t be needing in the future? Don’t let the age away in your shelf, make money from them by selling them to junior colleagues. In addition, to your textbooks, you can sell other items you aren’t using.


With the rapid technological revolution, you can make quite some cool cash from selling fancy gadgets online. India as a large population and as such you are assured of a fair market share. Research on trending gadgets online, buy and resell online for cool cash.

Make money in India by doing some jobs online

There are numerous sites online that you can subscribe to for online jobs ranging from surveys to teaching etc. in no particular order the list below, outlines the types of jobs you can offer and make money online in India as a student. You can research more on them and choose which to opt-in for based on your knowledge and time.

–      Ad Posting Jobs

–      Surveys

–      Form Filling jobs

–      Online gaming proof jobs.

–      Online tutoring jobs

–      Amazon jobs.

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This is in no way, the totality of all the ways you can make money in India as a student but we believe these ideas can get you started. choose any, and work on it. be flexible, know what works for you. if you have any question, free free to ask our team of Entrepreneurs and Onlinepreneuers join West Entrepreneur


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