How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer on Clothes

make your perfume last longer on clothes

Perfume is a very huge deal with people these days and there is virtually no one who doesn’t have their own jar of fragrance somewhere. You might have then noticed that when your colleague or friend puts on their own perfume in the morning, the scent lingers on with them even far into the evening but yours just fades after a few hours. It might not be due to the quality of difference in the cost of the perfume you both use but due to the way in which you apply your fragrance. Do you want to make your perfume last longer on clothes from now on then? How about you follow the steps below.

  1. Moisturizing

To make your perfume last longer on clothes, industry experts have advised that the bests time to moisturize your skin is immediately after taking your bath. At this point, your skin is very soft and the pores are open and responsive to the products that you use on them. Oils, creams, body butter, and such other products would work best now.

  1. Spray pulse regions

You know that thing you do where you spray some perfume on to open space in front of you and then walk through, hoping to absorb most onto yourself? Well, it doesn’t work that way. Between the time that you sprayed and when you actually waked through, more than half of the molecules have already drifted. To make your perfume last longer on clothes, spray on your pulse points such as the wrists, necks and the back of your ears too.

  1. Don’t. Rub. Wrists

We are guilty of spraying perfume on your wrists and then rubbing them together afterward and now, we are getting to know that we have got it all wrong. This would break down the fragrance and by the time you walk out of the room, the scent has already left you.

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  1. Use a scented body wash

Scented body wash formulas, unlike perfumes, would work their way down farther into your skin and stay there for a longer time. If you are concerned that your perfume fades away fast, all you need do with a scented body wash is just scratch your skin a little and all the nice scent comes back to the surface again. It locks the beautiful fragrance under your skin and keeps it there.

  1. Scent your home

To make your perfume last longer on clothes, make a habit of putting the desired fragrance hanging around your home and keep it maintained too. You could be a lover of fruits and want your fragrance to be orange themed, or smell like the sea. Whatever it is, let it change the feel of your home. By the time you reach for some clean clothes, the fragrance would have been deeply locked in and you might not even need extra perfumes.

  1. Storage of fragrances

Of the worst place to store your scents and fragrances, the bathroom is actually the first one. The fragrances would be attacked by the combination of heat, humidity, and light and this would reduce your fragrances to nothing but a funky smelling formula. Store them on trays instead or on a dresser in your room. You could even put them in your closet and reach for it when you are done dressing up. Take the commonest advice that you would see on a carton and store in a cool and dry place.

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There you have it, the six awesome hacks to get the best of your perfumes. Everyone deserves to smell nice, so start smelling good, every day.


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