Makinde Orders Payment of Sweepers’ Salaries Within 24hrs

Payment of Sweepers

Hundreds of street sweepers employed by the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYWMA) were excited on Tuesday after Payment of Sweepers has been ordered by Governor Seyi Makinde that the five-month salary being owed be paid within 24 hours.

The salaries which are being owed to workers by the fired contractor; Energy West Africa.

Makinde, while addressing workers in the governor’s office, said that the current administration considers the welfare of workers as utmost priority.

He linked the delay in the payment of the sweepers to the lack of frankness and clarity in the records left by the dismissed contractor, adding that the process has already been approved and the State Accountant General (AG) has been ordered to start the payment with immediate effect.

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He stressed that payment must be made directly to sweepers.

According to him: “The last time I spoke to you was a month ago and I told you that the money owed you by your previous employer; Energy West Africa, will be paid by the state government because the state government should pay the contractor, but I told them not to pay until their salaries are paid.

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“When we finish paying their salaries, what remains will be handed over to the contractor, if that’s what they really worked for.

“I know that the Environment Commissioner spoke to you earlier this morning, but when I saw you on the way to the office, I asked about the development, because I thought your money had been paid, I was told that the file was in mine table and I approved it.

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“Since the records we know were not simple, you will come here and collect your money on your own; they have gone to see the General Accountant now, they will start the payment this afternoon and, if it is tomorrow morning, they will make the payment, but it must not exceed tomorrow.


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