How to Start Mango Farming Business In Nigeria

Agriculture remains a profitable business especially when it concerns the production of foods for human consumption it has a huge market and handsome profits. Of such agricultural business that remains profitable is Mango Farming Business In Nigeria.

Mango is a sweet tasty stone fruit. It belongs to the family of “Anacardiaceae”. Mango is seen and grows in many tropical parts of the world, from West Africa to East Asia and other parts of Asian countries.

Mango trees can be grown in water-drained soils; it is a string in nature and requires little or no maintenance at all. Mango fruits are used for different purposes and can be used at any time of their growth stages.

For example, an unripe mango can be used to make things like pickle juice or herbal drinks – while ripe mangoes can be used to make fruit juice, jams, squashes, syrups, jelly, soaps, etc.

Mango cultivation for commercial purposes is actively successful in Southeast Asia and West Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. There is a continuous demand for mango in the marketplace due to its delicious flavor and its sweet fragrance and high vitamin A and C nutrients.

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Mango Farming Business In Nigeria
How to Start Mango Farming Business In Nigeria

How to Start Mango Farming Business In Nigeria

Let’s now look at the steps to get you started on Mango Farming Business In Nigeria.

Business plan

Having a business plan is essential for any business and the mango farming business is no exception.

In your business plan, you should focus on crucial areas like target market, market strategy, analysis, geographical location, capital, transportation, operational costs, and future goals.

Ensure that your business plan is well-written and articulated in order for prospective investors to be interested to invest.

Land Preparation

Land preparation for Start Mango Farming Business In Nigeria involves;
* Ploughing, clearing, and leveling of the land
* Prepare the soil to allow water to drain faster
* Collect the type of mango seeds that is suitable for your farmland

* Dip deep holes with proper spacing of about 10×10 meter
* Place mango seeds on each hole and cover
* After 14 to 21 days, clear weeds from plants and use the uprooted weeds to fill the soil together with other farmland manure. (Serves as nature fertilizer)
* Clear plantation every 3 months in the initial one to two years till harvesting time.

Hire workers

During the start-up stage, you will need a few helping hands to help get your Mango Farming Business In Nigeria running.

These hired workers will help clear and prepare the land for farming and also dig and irrigate the farmland. So basically, you will need 3 to 5 workers depending on your budget.

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Market Your Mango Fruits

Usually, you will have a lot of fruit dealers come to your farm to buy your mangoes in large quantities. Notwithstanding, you can also transport the mangoes to wholesalers in the local markets and to manufacturing companies as well.

In due time, with dedication and good farm management practice, you are sure to receive good profits in your mango plantation business.


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