Top 10 Most Stable Currencies in the World ([year])

Today you will learn to get to know about the Top Most Stable Currencies in the World. This will help you if you are an investor. Currencies are known to fluctuate now and then. However, we have been able to identify the currencies that hold their exchange rates.

Expect a shocker in this listing because you may not find some of the currencies you expect. So, journey with us as we reveal to you all of the Most Stable Currencies in the World.

Top 10 Most Stable Currencies in the World

Without much emphasis, below is a highlight of the Top 10 Most Stable Currencies in the World.

1. Swiss Franc

Country Currency: Switzerland 

The official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein is the number one Most Stable Currency in the World. Thanks to the nation’s strong economy as well as a highly developed banking system operated in the country.

What do you expect from a country with an average annual inflation rate of around 0,6%? It definitely deserves the number one spot on the list.

2. Japanese Yen

Country Currency: Japan

The Japanese Yen is one of the lowest and weakest currencies in the world but it is ranked the second most stable currency in the world. Surprising! That is because the inflation rate in the country is very low and it has been so for a very long time.

More so, the currency is the third most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar and European Euro.

Again, the Japanese Yen is considered to be stable because the country is among the top countries in the world with the largest gold reserves in the world. Plus, the country has one of the strongest economies in the world.

3. Norwegian Krone

Country Currency: Switzerland 

At number three on our list of Top 10 Most Stable Currencies in the World is the Norwegian Krone. It is not surprising to see this currency making the list because Norway is among the very few countries in the world that don’t have net debt. The country is also doing well economically and it has significant oil reserves.

4. Swedish Krona

Country Currency: Switzerland 

The Swedish Krona is the fourth Most Stable Currency in the World owing to the fact that the country’s policy is targeted at the fundamental preservation of the currency exchange rate.

It may also interest you to know that the Swedish national currency is still in use despite the country being part of the European Union.

5. European Euro

Country Currency: Switzerland 

The European Euro is a valuable currency and consistently ranked behind the US dollar as the reserve world currency. In fact, the currency is regarded to be the safest currency in the world.

Although the European Euro is viable to fluctuate, the amounts of gold reserves in the European zone and the currency’s impact on various industries and markets make is the reason why the currency has gained stability.

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6. Singapore Dollar

Country Currency: Switzerland 

At the sixth spot on our list of Top 10 Most Stable Currencies in the World is yet another weakest currency in the world, the Singaporean Dollar.

The national currency of Singapore is currently ranked as the 13th most traded currency in the world. More so, it is one of the highest and most valued currencies in the Asia-Pacific region.

7. United States Dollar

Country Currency: Switzerland 

Surprisingly, contrary to the opinion of many including myself expects to see the United States dollar atop the list, but here it is at the seventh spot.

Despite being the world reserve currency and it has never been devalued in its history; also, it is the most exchanged and popular currency in the world.

8. Australian Dollar

Country Currency: Australia

The national currency of Australia, the Australian dollar is the eighth most stable currency in the world. One of the reasons why this currency is stable can be attributed to the unchanging government system as well as the low unemployment rate.

More so, the Reserve Bank of Australia is pivotal in the currency’s stability as it monitors the printing of new bills and their introduction into circulation when necessary.

Not forgetting that Australia has a stable and growing economy because of its vast exportation industry supplying large quantities of agricultural products, oil, and raw materials for the chemical industry to the world market.

9. British Pound

Country Currency: United Kingdom

The British Pound is the national currency of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and it is the ninth Most Stable Currency in the World on our list.

The currency is considered to remain stronger than the US dollar in nominal terms. Nonetheless, many believe that the currency is to some extent overpriced and unfair.

10. Canadian Dollar

Country Currency: Canada

The Canadian Dollar is the national currency of Canada and it is the tenth Most Stable Currency in the World. The currency is affected by the United States economy because of its geographical nearness. Also, America is the highest buyer of the country’s exportation products.

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There you have the Top Most Stable Currencies in the World and as you can see, the list is full of surprises, having weak currencies appear on the list and even near the top while some of the strongest currencies rank low.