Top 10 Most Watched TV Stations In The World

What are the most famous TV channels in the world? See the ranking of the most-watched TV stations in the world. If there is an electronic device that practically everyone has in their home – whether in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. – it has to be a television.

More than 90% of the population has at least 1 TV set at home. In addition to being a means of easy access, it has several channels, both on the open network and on the closed network, by subscription.

Given so many options, it is even difficult to choose. In addition, broadcasters become competitive to be among the most-watched.

The list of TV channels in the world today is immense. There are several channels available, with different types of programming. However, some channels stand out due to the quality or the number of viewers. Of these, we highlight the top 10 of the most famous channels in the world.

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Here we present the most famous TV channels in the world.

Top 10 Most Watched TV Stations In The World

1. ABC

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) group is the largest media investor in the United States and makes the broadcaster the largest in the world. ABC is the most-watched TV station in the world.

The company was created in 1943, its headquarters are in New York and is under the command of one of Walt Disney’s groups. According to reports, its revenue is practically incalculable, as only a few seconds of viewing at any time cost a small fortune.

2. Globo Network

Globo Network is the 2nd most-watched TV station in the world owned by the Globo group of founder Roberto Marinho. It is the second-largest television network in the world due to the partnership it has with Time-Life, an American direct marketing company. 

Founded in 1965, the station now has more than 200 million viewers worldwide. Currently, the Marino brothers are among the 10 richest men in Brazil.

3. CBS

CBS is an American open TV. It belongs to Sony, being the second largest in the group. Founded in 1927, it is headquartered in New York and is the most-watched television network in the United States. 

The acronym CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System, the station was the second in the world to implement the color imaging system, ahead of even the ABC already in the 1950s.

4. NBC

Founded in 1926, NBC is an American radio and television company. It is the fourth on the list of the most-watched TV stations in the world. Its acronym stands for National Broadcasting Company and was acquired shortly after its inauguration by General Electric.

Today it is the fourth largest broadcaster in the world, and in the United States alone it reaches more than 98% of homes. In addition, NBC was the first broadcasting company in the world to implement the color imaging system.

5. Record Network

Founded by Paulo Machado de Carvalho, in 1953, Rede Record Television is the oldest television station in Brazil that has been active since it was established. It was later bought by the Silvio Santos group and in 1980 it was acquired by a bishop and businessman Edir Macedo. The station has several entertainments, journalism, and sports programs. It is one of the largest in Brazil.

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6. Televisa

Who does not remember the Mexican soap operas of SBT made by Televisa? It is the channel that produces the most soap operas in the world. It is currently the main TV station in Mexico, unfortunately, its growth in recent years has been small.

7. CNN

Founded by Time Warner in the 1980s, CNN is the most viewed news channel within the United States. It was the first channel in the world to implement the 24-hour live information system with news programs. There are speculations that CNN is the third largest broadcasting company in the world, however, experts say that a cable subscription television would not be able to have a number of viewers to reach this position.

8. BBC

British Broadcasting Corporation is the broadcaster with the highest reputation both within the UK and in other countries. Its credibility around the world is very great and the British are proud to have it since it was founded in 1922.


Also known as Chinese Central Television (CCTV) is the largest television network in China having its foundation on September 2, 1958. CCTV headquarters is located in the capital, Beijing, and belongs to the Ministry of Radio, Television, and Film of China, that is, all news presented to the population by the broadcaster undergoes prior approval by government agencies.

10. ESPN

In the last position of our ranking of the ten most-watched TV stations in the world is Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN). The exclusive 24-hour sports channel was founded on September 7th, 1979, by Scott Rasmussen and Bill Rasmussen.

Currently, the channel is present in more than 100 million homes within the United States, in addition to approximately 150 countries and territories through ESPN International.

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