Uche, Woman Who Lost 3 Kids On January 1 Cries Out

Nigerian born woman, Uche who left the country 8 years ago has cried out after she lost her 3 kids to a fatal auto crash in Canada.

Every January 1 was supposed to be a day of rejoicing to everyone, having scale through the previous year, but the reverse is the case of a Canada based Nigerian woman identified as Uche Osagie, as she lost her three kids on January 1, 2020.

Uche who has been in pain for the past 6 days now has finally garnered the strength to speak to the public about the ordeal she can never forget in her lifetime.

Uche and Her 3 Kids
Uche and Her 3 Kids

According to her, she was travelling to file an appeal for permanent status when the fatal auto crash happened.

Uche had left Nigeria, 8 years ago, with her two oldest children who died in the accident for a better life in Canada, but was having difficulties acquiring permanent residency.

She said that in mid-December, 2019, she had received a letter that her second appeal had been denied, so she travelled to Toronto to get a lawyer to file a federal appeal. And that the family was returning home to Chelmsford when the car she was driving hit a rock-cut, killing her children, Britney, 6, Flourish, 10, and Destiny, 11.

However, the cause of the terrible accident is yet to be known.

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Uche notes that her son Destiny had said to her that he is never going back to Nigeria before the accident happened.

 “No, I’m not going back to Nigeria. I want to live in Canada. I would rather die than be deported.” 

“Now my son is going to be buried in Canada,” She Said soberly.


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