Need For a Mentor and Role Model For Entrepreneurial Success

The need for a mentor and a role model to excel in any given field cannot be overemphasized! nothing is new, what you are about to do or has started doing has been done by someone who has made so many mistakes, failed, learned from his/her mistakes, and has succeeded. No one knows the road better than someone that has traveled the road before, that is to say, even as entrepreneurs we need a mentor and a role model for entrepreneurial success.

Many of our young Entrepreneurs has made some mistakes in the past, while some are about to make the same mistake, but after reading this I believe that your life as an entrepreneur will be made easy and positive. Most mistakes entrepreneurs make are mostly because there is no one to guide them. Mistakes whether seriously or costly can be turned around sometimes, but I don’t believe the mistake is costly because only a fool will say he has not made any mistake before. A wise man once said if you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn anything new. What makes one a strong person is not running from your mistake, but the ability to correct it and make sure you learn from it and also avoid it in the future.

It is said that we exist in the era of tattered information even while we live in the village of technology. Young Entrepreneurs are not interested in the necessary information but that which will keep them off track. Any Entrepreneur that wants to be successful in life, have to find out the way in which people have in time past successes, the challenges they faced, where they failed, and what brings about the failure. If it is successful then use their good results to embark on their own journey of life.

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Who is a Role Model

If you ask many of our young aspiring entrepreneur who is your role model he/she will give you just call names. A role model is a person who serves as an example of value, attitudes, and behavior associated with a role. This means that your role model must be like the dreams you have in life. Know at least 70% of your role model and that will help you strive positively. For instance, one who wishes to be an entrepreneur must look up to successful entrepreneurs and know how they get to the top.

Who is a Mentor

While we talk about a role model, we must not forget the importance of a mentor because they both works together. A mentor is someone who guides you, advise you and encourage you. The biggest problem of Young Entrepreneur today is that nobody wants to ask necessary questions or get the right information from the right person. Young Entrepreneurs most times get carried away by the enormity of their dreams and consent to feeling too big to ask people that can help them with good advice, one will say what does he/she has to offer. Believe me when I tell you that most times the people you never like tells you who you are and how to be successful.

Mentorship is of two types, the one that advises you and guides you in the field of your choice and the one that will help you in your spiritual life. A mentor has experienced more than you so he/she is in a better position to advise you in whatever you embark on.

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In conclusion, as a young and aspiring Entrepreneur find a role model you look up to and a mentor who advises you positively. Be successful as you put this into practice.


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