Opinion: Reason Why FG Must End Almajiri System In 2020 – (See Video)

In a recent video shared by a former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, on his twitter handle, one would conclude that all the Almajiri pupils in the video are homeless and has no parent.

But the reverse is the case, 95% of them are sent out by the parent in the name of Islamic Education to beg on the street to ease them of their responsibilities as a parent.

You can be sure that who so ever feeds such a child can as well twist their heart to do anything. And this has proven to be true looking at the young aged children used as suicide bombers in the previous attacks in Nigeria.

The Federal Government of Nigeria must put an end to the Almajiri system in the year 2020, else the country might continue to suffer further security challenges and negative happenings in 2020 and even thereafter.

The system so far has produced less of a God-fearing community than the contrary.

Originally, the Almajiri system is understood to be a Northern Islamic system of Education, given out young children to learn the Quran from its root and have a very good religious education. But as it is today, the system is no more serving its purpose in Nigeria. The system seems to have produced more terrorists than good religion men.

The northerners, most especially the Hausa’s have abused the system, given birth to numbers of children they can not be responsible for, sending them out to beg on the street in the name of putting them in ‘Almajiri School’. This system must be stopped.

The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido in the last year have warned that parent should give birth to the number of children they can cater for, and not just give birth to children and release them to the street.

In another news in the previous year, it was noted by another Islamic Icon in Nigeria, that ‘Begging on the Street is not Islamic’, therefore parents should only birth the number of children they can cater to.

There are better ways to have Islamic Schooling rather than the Almajiri system.

See the video Reno Omokri’s posted that got everyone talking on the social media on the Almajiri System in Nigeria.

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