List of Paid Online Survey Sites in Nigeria

Are you looking for the top Paid Online Survey Sites in Nigeria? If yes, kindly read on as this article will provide you with the top survey sites available in the country.

It has been years that online survey sites that may have been around buying yet, but not every internet users know about them.

Just a few people know that they can actually make cool money online by taking a few simple surveys on consumer products or services.

So if you are a Nigerian and will like to earn money by taking paid surveys online, this article will guide you through the basics.

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It is without a doubt that one of the most popular online survey sites in the world is Mobrog. Its mother company is Splendid Research GMBH, which is situated in Germany.

So if you are hearing about a paid online survey for the first time or if you are planning to switch over to another online survey website, Mobrog is one of the trusted survey sites you can visit.

This paid online survey site is available in over 60 countries with Nigeria inclusive. If you’ll like to become one of their top earners, try opening an account with them now.

The Panel Station


Another available top-paying online survey site in Nigeria is The Panel Station. This site is also a global website and it enhances its users to take both national and international surveys.

This paid online survey site gives out points, Amazon gift cards, e-vouchers and so many other things as a survey reward.

You may visit their official website to know more about the categories of service(s) you can render for them



Also an international survey company with its mother company situated in Norway. Triaba has a version of Its survey service dedicated to Nigeria.

Triaba is also one of the top paid online survey site and their reward system is very okay too. You may want to check it out.


Official page:

The fourth on the list of the top paying online survey sites is paid viewpoint. Also an international survey site with its online presence in Nigeria.

On Paidviewpoint, every survey taker could redeem their earnings once it is accumulated by $15. Not only that, but they also give out Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and the like as a reward.

Opinion World

Official page:

This top online survey site allows its, users, to take a survey for points. Also an international survey website. It is okay with trusted services.

On Opinion World, 1000 points earned is equivalent to $10. Such is the minimum amount of money you can withdraw on your threshold.

Some other top rewards you stand the chance to earn are Amazon gift cards, sweepstake entries, and retail e-vouchers.

In conclusion, while there are numerous paid online survey websites in Nigeria, the above-mentioned are the top-paying sites that you can trust.

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