How To Prepare Your E-commerce Website For Black Friday

Black Friday is always a season to look forward to as an e-commerce site, however, it’s important to be on top of things at all times and take advantage of seasonal peak trading. It will be a major blow to any e-commerce website if performance issues crush on their bottom line during peak periods. Especially if it destroys the brand’s name due to poor public relations and customer service. Chances are high, so you have to plan ahead and focus on giving the best customer support so as to boost online revenue and increase exchange rates.

Here, we show you a short guide to help prepare your e-commerce website for Black Friday.

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1. Plan for Black Friday

To plan for your peak period, you have to prepare an extensive load test plan for six months or more before Black Friday. It’s very crucial to include businesses as well as tech teams as part of your plan, that way everyone involved is in the know about test dates, emergency dates, and deadlines. Doing all this in time gives you the chance to test, fix, and complete all important details, so there’s no room for any last-minute changes.

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2. Prepare for Your Desired End Result

It’s crucial to establish the result you want for Black Friday. Always try to compare the previous year performance and use it to improve the present-day plan, regarding, creating an updated and practical load test plan and the amount of traffic you hope to attract.

3. Measure Current Capacity

To get yourself ready for peak sales season, you will need a detailed analysis of web performance. Recommended that you do this for like 6-8 months before Black Friday to me get the degree of current capacity and to handle whatever issue that may negatively reflect on customer service.

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4. Test Run Your Site Early and Often

We recommend daily load testing, with more numbers in the run-up to code lockdown. Doing so saves time and money and makes it a lot easier to manage any changes that may occur, giving you more time to move on to other stages.

5. Get it Right on Time

Here, you need to aim toward lockdown code before eight weeks to Black Friday. It is because high performers on that big day will be those that get it right on schedule. And that’s not all, ensure to update your site’s with special Black Friday deal codes and offers, but have all these done before lockdown.

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Bottom line:

It’s imperative that you recognize changes to a site comes with the risk of more performance problems. Customers should be able to enjoy an easy, and simple experience from the beginning to check out. Ensure to guide mobile journeys to the end and include delivery or ‘click and collect’ options to avoid slowdowns.

Consider minimizing the varieties of products offered for the flash sale period for speed and stock control. Lastly, consider having an array system as an emergency plan.

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