Current Prices Of Wheelchairs In Nigeria ([year])

The current prices of wheelchairs in Nigeria will be the topic of this essay. A wheelchair is a manually or electrically driven chair with wheels that is designed for the primary purpose of indoor and outdoor transport or movement for a person who is unable to walk due to disease, injury, or disability.

Wheelchairs are significant improvements over crutches, and they are useful for moving around not only for those with the aforementioned disabilities but also for medical emergency patients at many Accident and Emergency/Casualty Departments at various General and Teaching Hospitals across the country, as well as the Federal Medical Centres.

Wheelchairs also provide the necessary comfort for those who have difficulty standing or walking for long periods of time, allowing them to continue their daily tasks without interruption.

Wheelchairs, as previously said, can be manual or electric, and they come in a variety of styles, features, and sizes. However, in Nigeria, manual wheelchairs are easily available, and they are the most commonly seen form.

That is not to imply that there aren’t any powered wheelchairs, but manual wheelchairs are far more frequent than electric wheelchairs. Still, manual wheelchairs are not all the same; their designs, as well as their durability and pricing, varied, as we will discover shortly.

Users of manual wheelchairs are expected to exert additional effort in order to drive themselves about, but this can be highly taxing on the upper body, especially when the owner must wheel for lengthy periods of time.

With motorized wheelchairs, stress is considerably minimized. This sort of wheelchair is readily maneuvered by the user using a series of controls incorporated into the wheelchair handles that they can operate at their leisure. Let us now focus our attention on the current pricing of various types of wheelchairs in Nigeria.


The prices of wheelchairs in Nigeria are listed below. Only the current prices of major wheelchair brands in the United States have been highlighted. For your convenience, we’ve separated the costs of manual and electric wheelchairs.

Prices Of Wheelchairs In Nigeria


The Drive Medical Wheelchair is priced between N60,000 and N90,000.

The price of the 1001 Wheelchair ranges from N45,000 to N60,000.

The cost of a Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair ranges from 190,000 to 200,000 Naira.

Rough Ride Wheelchair With Control is priced between N250,000 and N290,000.

Elegant Surgicals Wheelchair is priced between 60,000 and 70,000 Naira.

What we’ve listed above is a price list for some of Nigeria’s most popular wheelchairs. However, it should be mentioned that certain wheelchairs in the country are locally made and do not belong to any particular brand. In Nigeria, generic wheelchairs range in price from N45,000 to N300,000, depending on the features, durability, and other factors.


The Leo Power Wheelchair is priced between N700,000 and N1.2 million.

Palsy Power Wheelchairs range in price from N450,000 to N780,000.

Electric wheelchairs in Nigeria range in price from N600,000 to N3 million on average.

As can be seen from the table above, motorized wheelchairs are much more expensive than their manual counterparts. Because they are created with more advanced functions and are generally more comfortable to use, this is the case. Electric wheelchairs, as previously stated in this article, are not as popular in Nigeria as manual wheelchairs, but they are still available.

What To Consider Before Buying Wheelchair

It’s not always easy to find a wheelchair that fits your needs. Everyone is unique and has unique requirements. As a result, selecting a wheelchair will be based on three very personal factors: suitability for the user, ease of use, and surroundings.

All wheelchairs are customizable in terms of seat and back size and position, as well as adjustable and detachable armrests and footrests. However, while purchasing a wheelchair, you must consider a variety of factors, and the selection is so vast that you may feel overwhelmed.

Factors To Consider Before Purchase a Wheelchair?

When purchasing a wheelchair, the first thing you must ask yourself is what features it must have to adapt to your condition, keeping in mind elements such as whether you can transfer yourself from the wheelchair (to a car seat, bed, or toilet) or if you have problems with posture control.

Your height and weight will also influence your decision. As a general guideline, the seat should be 2 to 4 cm wider than the occupant’s hips, and it is critical to ensure that the wheelchair is rated for your weight.

The second factor to consider is the capabilities that your wheelchair must have. If you need to fold it up frequently, the most convenient option is to seek a chair that folds up easily and takes up little room. If you intend to use it for sport and enjoyment, the lighter the better, and if you need to go into small spaces, search for one with foldable footrests.

If you require additional technological assistance (such as anti-decubitus cushions, lifts, cane holders, and so on) or another form of wheelchair accessory, seek one that is compatible with all of them.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the environment: buying a wheelchair for outdoor use is different from buying one for indoor use, and vice versa.

You should also take into mind the local climate. Keep in mind that you will require extra space in a wheelchair when you wear bulky clothing in colder climates. If you live in a humid climate, your wheelchair must be rust-resistant.

The wheelchair’s material is also important to consider. As a general rule, wheelchairs are built of four materials:

Wheelchairs made of steel are heavier, but they are also more durable and resistant to damage.

Wheelchairs made of aluminum are lightweight and easy to move.

Wheelchairs made of titanium are lighter and more aerodynamic.

Carbon fiber is an ultralightweight material that is remarkably durable, despite its lightweight and low cost.

Choosing between a rigid or foldable wheelchair frame is another crucial option to make. It is substantially lighter for chairs with a strong frame to have no joints or hinges.

For instance, a folding wheelchair uses less energy than a rigid one since the pulse rate in a folding wheelchair is lower.

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There you have it, the Prices Of Wheelchairs In Nigeria. Please keep in mind that the price differences between wheelchairs in Nigeria are related to a variety of factors like location, the current currency conversion rate in the country, the general features of the wheelchairs, their brand, durability, and so on. Wheelchairs can be purchased directly from their makers or distributors across Nigeria.

Wheelchairs are also available at a number of pharmacies across the country. They may be found on Lagos Island at Idumota Market, near the Oba of Lagos Palace.

Wheelchairs can also be purchased from top trusted e-commerce websites on the Internet by just pressing a button on your mobile device from the comfort of your own home.