10 Profitable Small Town Business Ideas

Do you need profitable small town business ideas that you can start with little or no investment capital? If yes, this article will enumerate the top 10 businesses that you can trust.

There are numerous business ideas in small towns and rural areas just that only the business-minded ones are aware of them.

Be informed that there’s no secret to starting a business from the scratch, you just need to be though, thorough and systematic. You need to be real and practical.

So if you’ll like to become your own employer, endeavor to pick any of the following small-town business ideas that fit your financial status.

Small Town Businesses That You Can Start Right Away

Without further delay, the following are the tested and trusted business ideas for small towns and villages.

Cake Making

If you are very good at the baking cake, you might want to venture into this business in your town. People are ready to pay an awesome amount for a well-baked cake and as such, you’ll make enough profits.

Since you’ll be starting this business in a small town or village, it’s ideal for you to create offline awareness so that your target audience will know of your existence in the competitive market.

Clothing Boutique

If there’s any business, a small town dweller will ever wish to see in his vicinity, it’ll be a clothing boutique. So why not capitalize on this business?

This small town business idea may be full of fun, though, but yet it may be difficult to make money through it in the first place.

However, if you get a sure and perfect location (with lots of foot traffic) for the clothing boutique business, this year may be your own year of breakthroughs!

Smartphone Repair

Of course, you don’t need a degree to start this business. It is just an art that could be learned if you have an interest in the business.

Similarly, you can complement your smartphone repair business with phone accessories sales, charging, and selling of recharge cards.

Such is one of the few small town business ideas that you can do to generate a steady stream of income with ease.

Day Care or Babysitting Service

If you derive joy and pleasure in playing around kids, then daycare or babysitting business might be a perfect small town business opportunity for you.

The daycare market is huge and gigantic, even in small towns and villages! This business opportunity is very easy to start, and it doesn’t require any start-up capital.

With your big leaving room, you are too good to go. However, you’ll need to tell your neighbor, family, and friends about your new business. Since the business can’t be operated in a vacuum.

Event Organizing

Just like in cities and urban areas, there is no day that they don’t have an event in rural or small towns too. Hence, an event planner will always be needed.

As an event planner, you’ll be helping people in your town and nearby villages plan their wedding ceremonies, birthday, get together, picnic, etc. whenever the need arises.

So to start this business, you’ll need to acquire the training for a few weeks. After that, you’ll need to tell people around you about your new business.

As an event planner, you need to get connections (strong ones) if you really want to be getting high order.

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Soap Making

Also, homemade soap thrives in small towns and as such, it’s one of the lucrative small town business ideas you can count on.

If you’ll like to capitalize on this business, you’ll need to go for the necessary training after which you’ll get your own location and some other equipment to get started.

You can equally employ someone to be making the soap while you’ll only be financing the business and taking care of others’ administrative work.

Hat Making Business

There are numerous directions in which you can carry this small town business idea go! If you like, you can make and sell the hats to retailers and you can virtually sell them online.

So if your artistic skills are very strong and powerful when it comes to making hats, you can establish a steady financial income through it.

Bicycle Rentals

This business idea in rural areas is specifically meant for kids. The business may look too childish, but the truth is that; it’s lucrative and comes with huge profits.

Sales of Ice Cream

Everybody loves the sweet thing, both the elders and the young. This fact is okay to tell you that such is an amazing small town business idea and opportunity.

This business is so dynamic that you can open a shop where people will be patronizing you and at the same time you can be operating a mobile ice cream.

If you really want people to patronize you, make sure you serve them with the best and quality ice cream possible. They’ll surely come back for it.

While you may like this business idea but don’t have the luxury to watch over it, you may employ people who will be selling them via a bus or bicycle.

Grocery Store

If someone should ask you what business does the small town or rural area needs the most, your answer will probably be nothing than a grocery store.

This business idea is very lucrative and profitable. Although it involves not too intensive startup capital, if you have all it takes to start it, don’t hesitate to do so.


It is obvious from the foregoing that there numerous business opportunities in rural areas but the aforementioned are the best 10 small town business ideas you can trust.