How to Promote Your Podcast & Make It Go Viral Easily

You might be thinking about how best to promote your new podcast and make it go viral easily. This is a very vital aspect when you want to launch a new podcast. New podcasts are created daily but not all the new podcasts that are created go viral. This is Major because you may not know how best to promote your new podcast, or even make it go viral easily.

If you have tried launching a new podcast but it failed, you may feel like starting a new podcast is not worth it. However, after reading this article on how best to promote your new podcast, you must have become acquainted with the necessary steps to take to make your new podcast go viral.

How to Promote Your Podcast and Make It Go Viral Easily

How Best To Promote Your New Podcast, Is Starting A New Podcast Worth It?

This is the best question to start with when discussing this topic. Before you start any business venture, you need to understand if it is a profitable business or not. Starting a new podcast is not any different, you need to know if the podcast you intend to launch is worth it.

Well, based on a lot of experiments, starting a new podcast is worth it entirely; but, it can only be worth it if you how best to promote your new podcast.

Let’s say you start a podcast, and you have a lot of teeming audiences outside there waiting to hear what you have to say, but on launching the podcast, they discover that you do not have the potential they seek, and they withdraw immediately.

Now that’s not yet time to give up and say that starting a podcast is not worth it. You still need to give it more tries and find out your ideal customers to Target them, and promote your podcast in such a way that it gets to them.

You don’t become a person’s favorite podcaster only because of the juicy stories you give your audience. It is also about how well you can make positive impacts in their lives in such a manner that they attribute their success to your podcast.

This is not lamb tales, it does happen. Some of the popular motivational speakers and podcasters you know now didn’t succeed at first, but along the line, they started getting calls and texts from people, telling them about how they’ve broken the chains that held them back to their pains.

When you start eating the fruits of your labor from your podcasts, you will understand that you have not only made an impact in the lives of several individuals, but also in your career and personal life.

Starting a podcast and knowing how best to promote your new podcast helps you conveniently build a community with similar ideologies.

Podcasters earn a substantial income from their shows, with time and influence, they can become brand ambassadors and earn even more than when they still started the podcast.

Organizing a podcast helps you build authority in life while getting to meet and talk with people of like minds.

How Do I Make My Podcasts Go Viral?

This is another one of the important questions to be considered when finding out how best to promote your new podcast. If you just started a new podcast or you wish to set up one soonest, how to make your podcasts go viral may be somewhat of a bother to you.

No one begins a business and does not anticipate a boom. As a podcaster, you may have been searching for how you can make your podcasts go viral or how best to promote your new podcast. Below are some of the proven steps on how best to promote your new podcast and make them go viral easily.

1. Build An Email List

Before you set out to launch your new podcast, you need to have an audience that you can use to test-run your podcasts. This audience may be from the fee persons you have on your email list or just your friends.

Whichever way, you must still plan on how you can build an email list where you can send out the links to your podcasts to. It may help you to get honest reviews from your audience.

A podcast can only go viral if there are a lot of people who signed up on your email list to get notifications of your new podcasts. They are the ones that form the large audience that you will share your content with.

To build an email list for starting a new podcast, you need to first realize who your ideal audience is. You can create an avatar of your audience and target just that avatar.

Building an email list is not entirely hard, you can offer little stipends like free ebooks or coaching sessions to get their attention and ultimately their emails. You can even advertise your podcasts on different social media networks, where your call to action would involve them submitting their emails.

2. Record Some Episodes Before Launching

Before you launch your podcasts, you can record just a few episodes, about 3 to 5. In that way, if the first episode wasn’t satisfactory, they can Checkout the next content and not rule out your podcasts entirely.

3. Pick A Launch Day Carefully

When is the best time to launch a podcast?

You can play with Human Psychology and launch your podcasts at the same time and day each week. In that way, your audience will know when to expect your content and how best to respond to it. If you are in a habit of posting your podcasts at different times and days that are not periodic, you may bore your audience out from waiting for your podcasts.

The beginning of weekdays like Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the best days to post your podcast. This is because, on those days, your listeners are still looking forward to getting the energy or boost to start their day.

But, the best time for you to launch a new podcast would partly depend on the kind of message you wish to share with your ideal listeners.

No matter the time you decide to pick, avoid launching your podcasts during working hours as very few can leave their work just to listen to your podcast. Find out what time works best for your audience to release a new episode of your podcast, based on their demographics.

4. Create A Brand And Brand Assets

Your podcast has to stand out for it to go viral. This starts with branding and how you build your brand assets. They all tally down to how best to promote your new podcast.

A unique brand gives an air of professionalism to your podcasts and invites more audiences to listen to you. Much expertise is not needed to build your brand identity. You only need to focus on being unique and having the graphics design of your brand logo in a simple design that can incite different thoughts in your audience.

5. Remain Consistent

Consistency is key when growing a new podcast. It is even when you are starting a new podcast that you need to always be in the face of your audience. Otherwise, how else will they know you? If you have been targeting the right audience, they might still skip your podcasts.

But when they are constantly being faced with episodes from your podcasts, it elicits the thought of trying it out and listening.

You can schedule when you want to release new episodes of your podcast so that you don’t get burnt out trying to do much in very little time.

6. Leverage Your Guest’s Audience

You can pull attention to your podcasts by leveraging the audience of the guests you have had on your podcasts. This is one of the easy working methods on how best to promote your new podcast and make them go viral easily.

Your guest needs to be someone that has an audience with similar interests and ideologies to yours. I’m that way you don’t disengage your audience by featuring a guest on your podcast.

If your podcast has an interview format, more guests would be attracted and you can engage them to speak during episodes of your podcast.

You can also share pull quotes, tweets, or images to your audience so they can easily share that podcasts go to their friends and loves ones too. In that way, your podcast will be easily promoted and go viral quickly.