Top 10 Richest Artists In Tanzania ([year] Forbes List)

With the increased growth of the entertainment industry in Africa, a lot of artists in Tanzania have emerged as the richest on the Forbes list. These richest artists in Tanzania, have continued to rank at the top of charts among the East African Musicians.

The Showbiz industry in East Africa has seen a spike in Tanzanian musicians based on their increasing popularity and income. In this post, we have listed the Forbes top Ten richest artists in Tanzania currently.

Current List Of Forbes Top Ten Richest Artists In Tanzania

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz, whose real birth name is Naseed Abdul Juma; is 32 years old and was born on October 2nd, 1989. 60% of the music produced by this singer are hit songs. He has been on the Forbes record as the richest musician in Tanzania since 2017. He is one of the highest-paid musicians in Africa.

Diamond Platnumz is our number one Forbes top richest artist in Tanzania. He is a songwriter and entertainer. The music producer owns one of the top music record labels – Wasafi records where most of his income streams from.

He also has a lot of investments, endorsements, awards, and nominations that keep pooling to his ever-increasing net worth. He is endorsed by several phone companies that use his songs as Skiza tunes and ringtones. Diamond Platnumz hit Forbes Magazine as not only the richest artist in Tanzania but also as one of the Richest musicians in East Africa.

Diamond Platnumz has been implicated in a lot of relationship scandals. Details on his relationship status are not completely confirmed. If you have streamed his songs online or watched him on TV, or even listen to his audio, you will understand why he is numbered first on the Forbes list of the top ten richest artists in Tanzania.

Diamond Platnumz charges $3000 for a single-stage appearance, and concert performance, and has a current net worth of $7 million. He is even the first African musician to have over one million views on his YouTube channel.

Ali Kiba

Ally Saleh Kiba popularly known as Ali Kiba is one of the richest musicians in Tanzania; he is second on the Forbes list of top ten richest artists in Tanzania and one of Tanzania’s most popular musicians. He was born in 1986 and is currently aged 36 years.

The Forbes magazine revealed that some of the hit songs by Ali Saleh Kiba including Aje, Mwana, Chekecha Cheketua, Macmuga, Makshi Mrembo, among others are streaming large income for the artist.

Ali Kuba has a current net estimate of $4.5 million measuring from his songwriting and position as Executive at Sony music entertainment.

Professor Jay

Professor Jay whose real name is Joseph Haule was born on December 29th, 1975. He is a Bongo Flava hip-hop artist and also currently, he is a member of parliament of the Mikumi Constituency. Added to his profile, Professor Jay is also an entrepreneur from Tanzania. Professor Jay is also the second Tanzanian on the Forbes list of Richest musicians in East Africa.

Professor Jay began his career in the music industry way back in 1990, under the recording band – Hard Blasters Band. Most of the fortune earned by Professor Jay was driven by his music sales and also because of his concerts all across East Africa and overseas.

That Professor Jay is an MP in the Tanzanian government. His wealth adds up from his entrepreneurship, political career, and pursuit in the music industry. His multiple investments have increased his net worth to be worth over $3 million.

Lady Jay Dee

Lady Jay Dee’s real name is Judith Wambura Mbibo. The Tanzanian singer and songwriter were born on 15th July 1979. She is a singer who specializes in Afro Pop, R&B, and Zouk genres music. Her current net worth is $2.4 Million.


Nahreel is a cofounder of Navy Kenzo, which became a popular Tanzanian music group. He has collaborated with some of Tanzania’s biggest talents like Diamond Platnumz and Vanessa Mdee. His current net worth is $2 million

Juma Nature

Juma Kassim Ally or Juma Nature is also known as Sir Nature is one of the Top ten richest Musicians in Tanzania 2022 Forbes. The 43-year old singer’s real name is Juma Kassim Ali. Socialite Juma Nature is a Tanzanian Singer and Bongo Flava Hip hop artist.

In the course of his career, Juma Nature used to be under the TMK Wanaume music group, before he left to establish his music group now known as “Wanaume Halisi”.

He is one of the musicians on the top ten list of Forbes Richest artists in Tanzania since 2021 with a net worth $1.5 Million.

Dully Sykes

Dully Sykes is a record label executive, singer, and songwriter from Tanzania. He has a current net worth of $1.5 million.

Ambwene Yesaya (AY)

Ambwene Allen Yesaya is a Tanzanian hip-hop artist, and Bongo Flava rapper popularly known as AY. The singer was born on 5th July 1981 in Mtwara, Tanzania. He started his music career in 1996 through a group collaboration known as S.O.G.

During the early millennium, he left the group to start his music group. Rapper AY was the one that introduced Jaguar, the Kenyan singer and one of the richest musicians in East Africa, into the Entertainment industry. He ranks among the top on the list of ten richest artists in Tanzania Forbes.

Ambwene Yesaya has a current net worth of $1.3 million.


Harmonize is one of the Tanzanian Afro-Bongo artists that was greatly helped by Diamond Platnumz. He is a singer and is now the creator of Konde music worldwide after he left Wasafi records. His current net worth is $1.2 Million.

Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Hua Mdee popularly known as Vee Money is a Tanzanian singer, recording artist, musician, mentor, Radio personality, motivator, and songwriter. Vanessa Mdee was born on June 7th, 1988 in Arusha. Vanessa Mdee was one of the judges at the East Africa Got Talent Show in 2019.

She is one of the top ten richest musicians or artists in Tanzania Forbes List. The net worth of this prolific Singer in Tanzania with a bet worth of $1 Million.


We have successfully listed the top ten richest artists in Tanzania some of which are rated among the richest musicians in the world.

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