Top 10 Richest Men In Manchester ([year])

The net worth of the top richest men in Manchester amount to a great sum when totaled together. These richest people in Greater Manchester and Cheshire are ten entrepreneurs and businessmen whose combined net worth amounts to over £20.168 billion.

The list of the top wealthiest men in Manchester torrents 3 multimillionaires and 7 billionaire families in Manchester and Cheshire.

The wealth of the richest people in Manchester, UK can be estimated from their investments, landed properties, bank account statements, significant shares in prominent companies, and other assets like art galleries and gold mines.

The leading personalities in Manchester have been ranked on a full rich list based on their net worth.

Top 10 Richest Men In Manchester

The key players in Manchester based on their order of wealth are as follows

1. Hugh Grosvenor – The Duke Of Westminster

Net worth: £9.96 Billion

Hugh Grosvenor is the richest man in North West and Godfather to Prince George. The super-rich 31-year-old inherited his father’s empire after his death (Hugh’s father) and became the seventh Duke of Westminster.

After his inheritance gave him a savvy net worth, he pushed forward to manage the family’s wealth and grew his net worth by £444 million.

The family company, Grosvenor Group owns real estate properties in London with investments in over 60 cities worldwide. The family of the Duke of Westminster is in control of about 300 acres of land in Belgravia and Mayfair, a dairy farm, and 165,000 acres of rural land.

Hugh’s family also owns properties in Cheshire, Oxford, Spain, and Scotland like the Chester Grosvenor Hotel, Bespoke Hotel, and Cogent Breeding, which is the biggest UK bull stud establishment. Half of the family’s assets are managed and controlled outside Britain.

2. John Whittaker

Net worth: £2.25 Billion

John Whittaker is a real estate property tycoon and CEO of the Peel Group. He was born into an industrious and wealthy family which were major investors in the cotton industry.

John Whittaker having a flair for the family business obtained properties and lands in the Manchester Ship Canal where he built the Trafford Centre. Around the 1960s, his company the Peel Group had owned subsidiaries consisting of airports, ports, Shopping malls, and media houses all around the UK.

The independent entrepreneur and one of Manchester’s richest men has also had his tastes of ill luck. He made a £3.4 Billion deal through the Trafford Centre of his Peel holdings company and the Arndale branch of Hammerson company, which backslid and led to a great loss of fortunes.

Regardless of the outcomes of his business, he currently recorded a growth of about £50 million in the past year.

3. Fred And Peter Done

Net worth: £1.35 Billion

The betting moguls are brothers born in Salford. The Duo takes pride in its conglomerate which houses over 1,650 shopping outlets in the UK, 51 racecourses, and the Tote company which obtained £265 million.

Fred And Peter Done first opened their Betfred company branch in 1967 at Pendlebury, Salford. The affluence of the Done family was rated to have spiked by a greedy sum of £20 million in the previous year. The family Company deals in the insurance, legal services, sports promotion, hospitality, and catering sectors.

4. Philip Day

Net worth: £1.2 Billion

Philip Day is a clothing entrepreneur and one of the richest men in Manchester. He left his studies at the University to venture into the clothing line. While pursuing a career in the clothing industry, he joined Edinburgh Wooling in 2001; after which he purchased the company.

He surged ahead to buy some of the interior decorations, and soft and home furnishing companies in the United Kingdom. The likes of the Ponden Mill, Rosebys, a decorations Company; ProQuip, a golf brand; Jane Norman, a women’s fashion retail Company; Jaeger, a British Fashion Brand; and also Austin Reed and Country casuals.

Philip Day currently resides in Dubai where he manages his expanse of companies. He is proficient in his business and he amounted to a revenue of £50 million which continues to supplement his net worth.

5. Mohsin and Zuber Issa

Net worth: £1.1 Billion

Mohsin and Zuber Issa are the brothers and garage entrepreneurs that founded the Euro Garage empire situated at Bury in 2001. They began the company by purchasing a forecourt worth £150,000.

Now they earn much more than their initial investments, having recorded revenue of £100 million added to their net worth in the past year. The Euro Garage empire currently manages over 4,600 outlets in the United States and Europe generally.

6. Henry Moser

Net worth: £1.01 Billion

Henry Moser is a Mortgage guru born in Bury. Unlike most of the entrepreneurs on this list, who already had much affluence to their inheritance; Henry Moser had a humble beginning and used to work at stores in the market.

He founded his mortgage business in 1974 and has added other businesses to it over the years. He set up Cheshire Mortgage Corporation and Lancashire Mortgage Corporation after which he established Jerrold Holdings, a company based in Manchester around the 2000s.

Henry Moser is a specialist when it comes to mortgage lending services that he sold off 30% of his company (Jerrold Holdings) to private equity firms and rebranded the other 70% of the business as “Together”.

The Together company defied expectations with a revenue generation of £410 million. This acclimated increase regarded Henry Moser as one of the richest men in Manchester.

7. Mahmud Kamani

Net worth: £1 Billion

The family of Mahmud Kamani is the founder of the Boohoo company. is an online fashion retail company that has experienced phases of the financial boom in recent times.

The family company became a billionaire after they recorded revenue of £268 million in profits. Kamini and Carole Kane were the founders of the Manchester-based company in 2006.

They began with the sales and supply of fashion products through Primark and New Look, the fashion powerhouses of the family’s business.

Amid the recessions, both fashion chains grew to become major dealers of fashion wear in the world. BoohooMAN and PrettyLittleThing are some of the branches of that were established by Mahmud’s sons: Umar, Adam, and Samir.

8. Peter Jones and Family

Net worth: £900 million

The first millionaire on our list of the richest men in Manchester is the Peter Jones Family. The family company is property developers based in Alderley Edge. Emerson’s developments in the mainstream of the Peter Jones Family income were founded by Peter Jones himself.

The sons of Peter Jones, Tony, and Mark are currently Managers in the company. Jones is currently 83 years old; when he was much younger, he began buying lands and tracts in South Manchester and started building houses in Cheshire in 1959.

Asides from the Emerson developments, he handles and Manges the affairs of the Middlebrook Park, Boavista Spa, and Golf resorts in Portugal as their Chief Executive Officer.

9. Anthony Green and Zocchonis Family

Net worth: £811 million

PZ Cussons is a company based in Stockport, Cheshire, England. It was from this company that the Imperial Leather and Carex Soap industries were founded. PZ Cusson’s wax was founded by Anthony Green, who though now late established an empire of wealth-producing companies before his death.

The company is now headed by the Zocchonis Family as he used to be the nephew of one of England’s influential men, John Zocchonis, who just like Anthony has passed away. Regardless, these men are still rated among the richest men in Manchester.

10. Michael and Chris Oglesby

Net Worth: £587 million

The property managers, Michael, and Chris Oglesby are some of the top millionaires in Greater Manchester. With their net worth which recorded an increase of £67 million last year, they are some of the richest men in Manchester.

This was largely accounted for by the expansion of their company to cover about one-third of the space in Manchester city center. The Bruntwood company is also on record to be a major investor in the Manchester Science Partnership. The company owns over 115 properties and boasts of consistent growth and expansion.


Going through this list of the richest men in Manchester, you would observe that most of these high-profile personalities were born into wealth. Some were from family inheritances, but just a few became billionaires and multimillionaires in the UK through independent means.

The phenomenal growth and development of these rich men are channels for the creation of a larger workforce and thus increase the employment rate in England.