Top 10 Richest Women in South Africa ([year])

Some women in South Africa are way richer than the richest men in South Africa. A few are equal when it comes to net worth with these wealthy South African Men.

These women are the Richest in South Africa, and in this article, you will get to see a list of the top ten richest women in South Africa and their net worth.

Now, you may be wondering, who are these wealthy South African ladies that are richer than the Male Billionaires in the country? So we would get down to it and give you a list of ten of them based on Forbes’s rating.

Top 10 Richest Women in South Africa

Richest Women in South Africa
Richest Women in South Africa

Wendy Appelbaum

Net worth: R2.6 Billion

Wendy Appelbaum comes first on the list of richest women in South Africa. She was born in 1962 to the family of South African Billionaire – Donald Gordon. She assumed the position of director at her father’s insurance and real estate firm – Liberty Investors.

She was formerly the deputy chairman at Connection Group Holdings. She currently owns a very successful wine farm in South Africa, making her the richest South African Woman. She also has links to some of the richest billionaires in Africa through her various business ventures

Wendy Ackerman

Net worth: R1.9 billion

Wendy Ackerman is a business tycoon and a rich South African woman. She is well involved in the retail business and is a non-executive director at Pick N Pay Holdings limited.

The establishment has numerous outlets in Nigeria, Australia, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zambia. This wealthy woman also runs the Ackerman Family Trust Business.

Irene Charnley

Net worth: R1.5 billion

Irene Charnley is a businesswoman and former trade unionist. She is a director of various Companies in South Africa including; Time Media Limited, Johnnic Communications Limited, and MIH Limited.

Irene Charnley holds an award as the businesswoman of the year and is one of South Africa’s Richest women.

Bridget Radebe

Net worth: R1 billion

Bridget Radebe is one of the richest ladies in South Africa and was born on February 26, 1960. The South African Billionaire has a net worth of R1 billion, which she attained from her successful Mining Company – Mmakau Mining.

The company operates in Coal, Gold, Uranium, Exploration, Platinum, and Chrome Mining. She didn’t become a billionaire in a day, she started as a miner, and progressively founded her own mining company.

Bridget Radebe was born into a wealthy family in South Africa. She is also the wife of the South African Justice Minister – Jeff Radebe, who is one of the very successful politicians in the nation. She was awarded the International Businessperson of the year in 2008.

Sharon Wapnick

R433 million

Alec Wapnick is a South African Billionaire and is the father to one of South Africa’s richest women – Sharon Wapnick. She owns a property management company – City property, which was launched in 1968.

Sharon Wapnick’s wealth was mainly pooled from her father’s wealth which became her inheritance. She is the non-executive chairman at Premium properties limited and non-executive director at Octodec investment limited.

Based on Forbes listing, Sharon Wapnick is one of the top five biggest stakeholders in a joint venture of Premium properties and Octodec investment. Her net worth of R433 million ranked her on the Forbes list of the top ten richest women in South Africa. Sharon and her husband are one of the richest couples in South Africa.

Elizabeth Bradley

Net worth: N332 million

Elizabeth Bradley got her net worth of R332 million from her multiple successful investments in large companies. She is also the Chairman of Wesco Investments South Africa, and also the Vice-chairman at Toyota South Africa. Elizabeth is a shareholder in companies like Rosebank Inn., Standard Bank, AngloGold, and Hilton Hotels.

Judy Dlamini

Net worth: R124 million

Judy Dlamini is one of the most beautiful and richest black women in the world. She is on the list of wealthy South African ladies largely because of her prominent positions in Mbekani Investment Holdings and Aspen Pharmacare Limited.

She once mentioned that her success was stressed by her passion, diligence, focus, and hard work in her career. She is ambitious when it comes to wealth creation, making her have a net worth of R124 million.

Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube

Net worth: R94 million

Nonhlanhla Mjoli-Mncube is the Chairman and Founder of Women for Housing. She holds numerous positions as a Director and executive in different companies and Establishments.

Her position on this list as one of the influential women in South Africa drives by her net worth, estimated to be about R94 Million.

Mamphela Ramphele

Net worth: R55 million

Mamphela Ramphele is a renowned and respected medical doctor and politician. She used to be an activist against apartheid. She is also a businesswoman and has pulled many hats in entrepreneurship.

She was numbered among the Richest women in South Africa since 2011. Her current net worth is R55 million.

Christine Ramon

Net worth: R49.67 million

Christine Ramon is one of the richest women in South Africa who has served two esteemed positions in the country. She was formerly the chief financial officer and also the Executive Director of AngloGold Ashanti Limited.

Christine Ramon is currently a Non-executive Director at Lafarge company based in Paris and France. She also holds a position at the MTN Group. Her position as director of some of these very successful companies attests to her eligibility to be one of the richest directors in the world.

She was nominated by the World Economic Forum for the Young Global Leaders. Her positions, awards, and recognitions amounted to her net worth of R49.67 million.


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