Top 20 Secrets Every woman Keeps From Her Man

Talking about the top secrets every woman keeps from her man, it may be an intentional act on her part or even an unconscious act. While some secrets are simple and have little meanings, some are actually heavy and can wreck a relationship.

We all know the impact of truthfulness and honesty in a relationship. But no matter how close and truthful you guys are to each other. There is a higher percentage that she is hiding any of these from you. Below is the list of the top 20 Secrets every woman Keep from her man.

Top 20 Secrets Every Woman Keep From Her Man

  1. She Pretends To Be Always Late

When going on a date, most women came late. Commonly, it’s assumed to be because of the women’s nature and makeup stuff. What they didn’t tell you is that most time they came early but branch other places to avoid appearing too eager. While some deliberately leave their homes late because of this reason.

  1. They are Nervous About Commitment

Like men, women are also nervous about relationship commitment. They also feel jittery about starting a new relationship with another guy.

Even though they may never tell you this. Seeing them being happy doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid of commitment. It’s one of the hidden secrets every woman Keeps from her man.

  1. They think about S*x also

Women also think and fantasies about S*x and erotic ideas about their partners. Even though they don’t disclose this, women have the same S*xual needs as men.

  1. Faking Orgsm

One of the untold secrets every woman Keeps from her man is S*xual satisfaction. Most women fake orgsm while their partner continues to brag about their inexistent S*xual prowess. Even though some really do experience it but most times, it is faked.

  1. Pre-Marital S*x Experiences

Despite the fact that women are expressive when it comes to emotions. They don’t talk much when it comes to embarrassing stuff especially issues like premarital S*x experience.

Ask your girlfriend or wife about their pre-marital experiences with their ex, they will never say the truth. Be rest assured they will reduce it, in order not to appear loose.

  1. Jealous and Scared of Other Women

Many women won’t tell you the fact that they are jealous, in order not to look bad. But the truth is most of them are jealous and live in constant fear of other women. Those you come across every day, either at your place of work, neighborhood, or other places you frequent. They seemed to think you will appeal to others the way you appeal to them.

  1. They Stalked You on Social Media

Has your partner or even girlfriend ever told you she stalked you on social media platforms? I bet no! Almost every woman stalked their spouse or partner on those platforms.

It may not necessarily stem from a place of doubt, but they need to supervise and know what you are up to. You will be amazed that your woman knows almost everything that goes on in your account.

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  1. Comparing Partners Actions to That of Exes

One of the secrets every woman Keep from her man is comparing his actions to that of her ex. Most women observe, compare, and judge your actions to that of their exes. While this may not be intentional, they won’t tell you they ever did.

  1. Discussing You With Friends

Almost every woman does these, discussing their relationship affairs with friends who in turn give advice which they act on.

Do not be surprised if this includes your S*xual matter, private secret, and others.

  1. Keeps Her Friends Secret From You

One of the common Secrets every woman Keeps from her man is their friends’ secrets. Some women will never tell their friends’ secrets even if it involves you directly.

  1. Strike Up a Conservation With An Ex

Striking up a conversation with an ex is also one of the Secrets every woman Keeps from her man. Even though it may be a harmless conversation or a dangerous one depending on the frequency.

Most women understand it’s not everything you should spill, for peace to reign. At one point, your woman may have spoken or contact their ex without your knowledge.

  1. They Saw It Coming

Most women acted surprised when they are proposed to. The true fact is most saw it coming, even though you think she doesn’t know.

  1. Admire Other Guys

In case, your partner hasn’t informed you, she has admired other guys out there. Having fantasies about their looks but that doesn’t mean they want something to do with them or even jilt you.

  1. They Love Surprises

This is also part of the secrets every woman Keeps from her man. Most women love surprises; being showered with gifts, care, and love. She may not show it but she really does.

  1. Honesty

Most women want an honest man who showed transparency in all his dealings. If she doesn’t inform you, now you know.

  1. They Want To Be Taken Care Of

Whether a feminist or Patriarchy princess, every woman wants a man who will take care of her. Women especially bold and independent ones may keep it as a secret.

  1. Having A Say/Decision About Matters

This is also one of the common secrets every woman Keeps from her man. Most women actually want to have a say in decisions concerning you. They love it when you ask them before deciding on important issues.

  1. They Hate Splitting Bills

Most women, even feminists who believe in gender equality don’t like splitting bills. It’s one of the Secrets every woman Keeps from her man. They want to be taken care of even if they are independent.

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  1. Things Are More Costlier than Said

Some women keep the exact prices of things bought to themselves. It’s one of the untold minor Secrets every woman Keeps from her man.

  1. The Care and Appreciate Every Help Rendered

This is common among women who don’t know how to show appreciation. Every woman loves men who go out of their ways to help out. Be reminded this is one of the secrets every woman Keep from her man

Do you think there are any top secrets every woman Keeps from her man, we haven’t talked about? You can share your thoughts with us via the comments section.


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