See the Messiahs That Will Shape Nigeria’s Economy in 2020

While the state of things in Nigeria last year isn’t something appealing, Nigeria’s economy may still continue on its turtle edition in 2020. In a bid to end this, the border closure, continental free-trade agreement, and the common currency policy are all targeted to reshape the Nigeria economic activities in 2020.

Premise on the above, Pulse Nigeria has taken its time to examine the Messiahs who are capable of shaping the economic activities from its sluggish form to something worthwhile this year.

Nigeria, being the giant of Africa will seize the opportunity of the continental trade Fair, common currency policy and the following prominent figures and business moguls to be mentioned to rise to the high level.

  1. The Presidency Economic Advisory Council

Of course, anything that has to do with Nigeria Economic has to pass through the eagle eyes of the Mr. President economic advisory team. Hence, the faith of the country’s economic activities for the year 2020 lies in their hands.

  1. Aliko Dangote


With utmost respect, Aliko Dangote also has the ability to move Nigeria’s economic activities forward through his billion dollars businesses. What’s more,  the richest man in Africa is still working tirelessly on his refinery company in Lekki.

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With Dangote companies and investment, he stands the chance of recruiting ten of thousands of people to work for him throughout the country.

  1. Mohammed Nami


While you may be wondering that who is Mohammed Nami and why is he in the list of the prominent figures that can reshape the country’s economic activities, remember that he was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari in December 2019 as the new Nigeria chief taxman.

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Don’t forget that his technical know-how and direction as the chief officer of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) will depict the Nigeria image whether it is good to invest and do business or not. The result is what determines the investor’s fate.

  1. Zainab Ahmed


Zainab Ahmed is a Nigeria Minister who works in the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning combined. She recently announced their plan to scrap small businesses from paying Company Income Tax in the new Financial Bill that is awaiting the Mr. President assent.

Mrs. Ahmed is needed in reshaping the country’s economy because of the position she occupied. It is her onus and responsibilities to coordinate all policy with respect to monetary and at the same time set the tune for the smooth running of the country’s economy.

  1. Godwin Emefiele


If the Minister of Finance, Budget and National planning can be important in the mission reshape Nigeria’s economy, so should the Governor of the Central. After all, it is the driver of the country’s economy.

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With different monetary tools at his end, Emefiele and other committees that are seeing to the country’s financial landscape can ensure the free flow of the currency.

  1. Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

The President and the Minister of Petroleum, President Muhammadu Buhari definitely has the final say in anything that has to do with finance as far as this administration is concerned. His statements, actions, and reactions will serve as a lead to would-be investors in Nigeria.

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