COVID-19: Bauchi Orders Shut Down Of All Qur’anic, Islamiyya Schools

Islamiyya Schools

Bauchi State Government has on Tuesday, March 24 gave directives that all Islamiyya and Qur’anic schools be shut down due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

This was coming a few moments after it was announced that the state governor, Bala Mohammed has tested positive to the killer virus.

In a statement delivered to newsmen on Tuesday, Bauchi State Commissioner for Education, Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde disclosed that all the Islamic schools as mentioned above should suspend its activities until the global pandemic subside.

Aliyu noted that the move is paramount at the moment as the government see it necessary to prevent its citizens from been affected by the dreaded virus.

He said, “the Ministry of Education has observed that Qur’anic and Islamiyya Schools are still not shut down by their proprietors and Malams, which is a serious breach of the order and dangerous to public health,” 

“There is the need to secure the health of the almajiri students too. They come from, and return to different towns. They roam the streets and homes to fetch every meal they eat. Such high mobility makes them vulnerable to infection by the virus more than any other social group. And when sick, little can be done to them. One infected child, in the crowded rooms they reside in, can cause unimaginable havoc to other children and community,”

“Please let us extend our protection to these poor children as we do to ours. It is important that their malams disperse them to their homes immediately. They must shut down too, immediately, and return the children back to their parents,”

Aliyu added that “Weekend Islamiyya schools for children, adult males and females, must comply, please. Disease respects no faith. Let them close and open when the pandemic is over. No principal of any public school should allow any access to his school’s premises – distant learners included.”

He further reiterates that all schools, western or eastern, must all be closed down at this moment the entire world is experiencing a fearful virus attack.

Aliyu urges all Imams and Malams to please comply for safety.


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