It’s somehow fascinating we have some towns with a strange number of inhabitants, believe me, this is so strange, what are the smallest towns in the world?

In today’s article, we will be talking about the smallest towns in the world, what does a town mean?

The word town comes from the Latin term populus and makes it possible to refer to three different concepts: the inhabitants of a certain region, the population entity smaller than a city and the lower class of society.

In other words, a town is a place which is larger than a village but smaller than a city. Though most people make the mistake by confusing a town for a city. Town and City are not the same, a town is a little modernised, unlike a village.

As explained in the previous line, a city is also modern and well developed but it is called a city because it had a huge population than that of a town. Cities have more basic amenities like an organised transport system, sanitation and housing, clean water etc.

We certainly have many differences, things we can use to depict a town and a city like the economy, the geography and demography of the area and many more.

We have many places in the world that most people haven’t even heard about just like the Vatican city which has a landmass of 0.44km², and the Vatican City is the world’s smallest country.

Without much ado, let us quickly walk you through this as we reveal the top 10 smallest towns in the world, find out below;

List Of The Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World

#1. Fordwich

fordwich - smallest town in the world
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Population: 381
Country: England
This might be the most populated smallest town in the world, sure you are shocked but it is an interesting thing to know. Fordwich is located in England (Britain), and it is the smallest town in England, and record has it that between the year 2001 and 2019 the town only increased in population by 30.

Fordwich is said to be the remnant market town, which simply means it has over time flourished in the past.

Located in the northeast of Canterbury (east kent) on the River Stour, Fordwich is also called Civil Parish.

In 1880, due to economic reasons and lack of a mayor, Fordwich lost its standing as a town and became very quiet.

Though later on it gained back its lost glory and became a town again in 1972 and also rated as the smallest town in England.

The town is one of the most serene and peaceful in England, and the inhabitant of the town are well known for one occupation which is fishing activities.

The town has some facilities which make it fun to the inhabitant and tourists like a drinking pub, recreational centres, churches, school and a town hall building.

Buildings in Fordwich are old fashioned, they maintain their conservative aesthetics.

#2. Manele

Manele Hawaii - Smallest towns in the world

Population: 29
Country: United States, Hawaii
Manele is one of the smallest towns in the world located in Maui County, though it has quite a number of inhabitant much more than the other towns we have listed here. Manele has a population of 29 people and Manele is the smallest city in Hawaii, United States.

If you love to travel and tour then this town is one place you want to visit. Manele is home to the famous Four Seasons Resort, and one thing you will love about this place is that its residents live above the poverty scale.

The hotel is a perfect place to have fun and have a nice meal, the Resort will make you to always come back.

It has a calm and clear climatic temperature which ranges between 18 – 21 degree Celsius on average.

With a landmass of about 5km² and a population density of 5.6/km², this census-designated place (CDP) finds it’s way to our list.

#3. Valley City

Valley City illinois - smallest town

Population: 12
Country: United States, Illinois
Located in Pike County Illinois, as at the 2010 census, Valley City total population was 13 which later dropped in 2017 to 12. It sounds odd but Valley City is just a home to three families and is the smallest city in the state.

It has an area of 54 ha (52 ha Land / 3 ha Water). and also the weather condition is 12°C, Wind N at 24 km/h, 49% Humidity, which is quite small from the towns we’ve talked about so far.

The Valley City is a very peaceful town with a low crime rate and the income per capita ranges around $7,000.

#4. Cooladdi

Photo Credit: DailyMail

Population: 3
Country: Australia, Queensland Charleville
Cooladdi is another town that made it on our list of top 10 smallest towns. Cooladdi Queensland is popularly known as the tiniest town and is located in Australia.

As at 2015 till date, the population was 3, all of whom reside at the general store. The name of the town was previously called Yarrovale of which it was later changed to Cooladi and so far it is the smallest town in Australia and due to that, it was referred to as a Ghost Town.

The Queensland town of Cooladdi is located 560 miles south of Brisbane and a 90-minute drive from the nearest other settlement Charleville.

Cooladdi means “Black Duck” and you can find a store which serves as home, bar, store and a post office.

It has a school and also a railway siding close to the general store.

#5. Brewster


Population: 3
Country: United States, Florida
Brewster was one of the phosphate cities built around the Brewster phosphate industry at the turn of the century. It is known to be a mining town which was founded in 1910.

The chimney, very visible, was the first thing built. Entering Fort. Meade was a problem because of the distance, so all the residents’ needs were met by the company’s village. There was a doctor’s office, pharmacy, commissioner, gas station, swimming pool, school, post office and, later, a recreation centre.

The company expected all workers to live in Brewster. It’s sad the town has now been deserted in the 1960s due to environmental pollution and mining was permanently shut down.

The famous John Vincent Atanasoff, popularly known as the inventor of the digital computer, grew up in this town.

#6. Swett


Population: 2 people and 1 dog
Country: United States
Swett town is located in South Dakota and was established in 1931 is on the U.S Highway 18 and covers 6.16 acres of land. The Swett town is a former tyre shop which was converted into a three-bedroom house.

The town also have some amenities like a gas station, bar, store and a museum. with just two people and a dog, it is a peaceful town. It was previously listed for sale in 2014 but unfortunately, no one is willing to buy it.

Wikipedia also made us understand that the town is being hunted.

#7. Cass

Cass - New Zealand

Population: 1
Country: New Zealand
Cass is one of the smallest towns on earth having just 1 inhabitant, the name of the guy is Barrie Drummond, having a tie with Buford.

According to history, the name was acquired from the pioneer surveyor named Thomas Cass and the town is located in South Island in New Zealand.

Having one person in the town happened of recently because we have over 800 people living in Cass before, the number kept on reducing day by day.

The town only has 5 houses and a woman named Rita Angus living there, though she designed the railway station painting which made the town popular even though people don’t wish to live there.

Also, there is an annual celebration called Cass Bash which usually takes place in the town where people from neighboring cities and all over the country come over to have fun.

#8. Monowi

monowi -one of the smallest towns in the world

Population: 1
Country: United States, Nebraska
The word Monowi according to Native American language means flower. Situated in Alaska, in the United States, having just 1 person living in it according to the 2010 general census data record.

Monowi is a town that is over 100 years old and has some amenities like a hotel, library, church and a bar. The Monowi town is a perfect place for tourists and it is home to an 84-years-old Elsie Eiler.

Elsie is in charge of the bar and also is the librarian, she self-employed herself as the mayor of the town.

Just like every normal citizen she also pays her taxes. To keep the town running, Elsie is required to annually make a submission of a municipal road plane so as to get funding from the state. Right beside the main building in the city is a post office which has been there for donkey years.

#9. Buford

Buford Wyoming

Population: 1
Country: United States, Wyoming
Located in Wyoming, Buford is the second world’s smallest town ever with just one person living in it, a 60-year-old resident. Though this isn’t how the town was before as it had over 2000 inhabitants before remaining just 1 person.

Don Sammons family were the last to remain in the town but after Dons wife dies and the only son grew up and migrated out of the town, Don Sammon is the only one remaining in Buford.

#10. Betoota

Population: 0

Country: Australia, Queensland

Betoota Town is another ghost town situated in Queensland, this town has nobody living in it. There were people living in it before until it remains just one person, now the only one person living there died in 2004 and since then there has been no human living in this town.

Popularly known as the smallest ghost town in Australia the town also has some amenities like a hotel, airstrip, phone box, a cricket field and also a petrol station.

Though people still visit and tour around the town and they also attend the yearly Betoota race which takes place on the town race track.


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