Innovative Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Looking for Innovative Social Media Trends? It’s no more news that social media outlets have metamorphosed into a full-blown information and communication medium, with ten of thousands of brands focusing on the social channels to reach their prospective target audiences.

The rate at which the consumer attention is all on various social media platforms can not be a joke with, not to even talk of apps. As a result of this, most business brands that really want to gain their audiences’ attention were seriously monitoring how their consumers are making use of the platforms.

The endnote here is that; as different trends keep showing up on social media, the corresponding marketing needs to follow suit.

However, since we are in the new year, it’s very important we look at the new emerging social media trends for 2020. What sort of thing will influence the social media users, what impact will this have on brand marketing, and what do entrepreneurs need to be aware of to be relevant and stay tuned in 2020?

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So, here are the new emerging trends to look out for in social media:

1. Social Media will be More of a Storytelling Platform

This year various social media platforms are embracing additional ways to free their users to tell stories to share with the world. The likes of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are adopting this trend, and it is having an impact on the way and manner consumers consume social content.

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With the various platforms adopting this, this means the door is open for brands to tell and share additional human stories in line with their products, which will inspire and convince audiences to give such a product a trial.

Well, storytelling sounds to be real, current, and personal, so does it requires more intensive graphics, images, and video to go along with it. Also, it demands business brands to be thoughtful and extra creative in their content.

2. Brand Narrative

While social media will be trending with human stories narrated by various users, businesses will seize that opportunity to create a schematic narrative behind their various brands. Since narratives capture memoirs, moments, and experiences shared between audiences and a product which are often used to create a broader positive change.

Therefore, brand narratives should be compelling and capable of leading consumers to take action. On this note, evaluate your business brand story, and make sure it is convincing and stands out amidst the social media wack, inferior and substandard contents. For quality content will always be the king in the online realm.

3. Quality and Creative Content will Still be the King

From time immemorial, quality and excellently crave content always rule, and so does the trend will continue to be celebrated this 2019. While some social media marketer is used to the instinctual reaction to social trends by dirtying social platforms with poor, uninspired, and mediocre content with the intention of flying the trend wave.

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Little do they know that their potential audience does ignore and quickly dismiss such substandard messaging. When in reality the need for capturing audience trust and attention has turned into something expensive. Any social media marketers who are determined to gain customers’ attention must be ready to boil the midnight oil in creating quality and engaging content.

The endnote is; before a brand can have a meaningful impact on social media this 2019, such a brand needs to be creative with meaningful purpose. A little, well-composed and unambiguous content will have much more impact than a large content that is dull, inferior, shallow, and uninspired.

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4. Personal Branding will be Upgraded

One of the factors that led businesses to social media marketing is branding. With the break of a new year, social media branding is predicted to be upgraded with an additional element adding to its features. And this new development will witness a human face beautifully added to personal branding in place of the traditionally known logo.

This is so because personal branding is seen to be capable of enhancing business with some sort of human element that tends to naturally convince the prospective audience and make the business brand look more relatable. So, businesses that foster their brand with the human element are prone to have a real edge and advantage over their counterparts who hide under the umbrella of a “logo.”

Essentially, one vital trend in humanizing a business brand is to market the personal brand of the company owner or a business leader of a higher rank. This will enable the general public to have an up-close perspective and view of the business owner and or company’s leader respectively. And this will strengthen the business brand reputation.

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5. Know Your Platforms

One of the reasons why some businesses failed to achieve their goals on social media marketing is as a result of their wrong choice of social media platforms. This is 2019 and the mistake needs to be corrected in other not to witness the same level of failure as to the previous year. At least, this is the right time for you to learn from your mistakes.

So, businesses are encouraged to be careful in choosing which social media outlets to concentrate on, after all, that platform is being used and patronize by different classes or groups of people. For instance, more than 80 percent of Pinterest lovers are female and nothing less than 50 percent of them are from the United States. This means if your business brand is focusing on American women, marketing on Pinterest will definitely provide you a prime result.

In addition, Facebook users tend to be older than the lovers of Snap chat and this means the age range of your target audience needs to be considered before posting on either of the two. Plus, LinkedIn users are majorly career-related professionals which means if you are recruiting in your establishment, LinkedIn is the perfect place.

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Though not limited to the ones mentioned, the above discussed are the emerging social media trends. Every corresponding social media marketer should take note and follow suit.


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