How to Start Up A Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Cleaning businesses are very attractive and profitable, especially because they are based on performing tasks that other people do not want to do and for which they prefer to pay.

The car wash business is precisely one of them because it has several advantages:

• It can be easily set up without a large infrastructure
• Its operating costs are usually low
• It is easy to operate
• It does not require specialized labor
• It can be started with a small budget

The project essentially consists of providing vehicle vacuuming and cleaning services, which are regularly performed in no more than 30 minutes.

Care and delicacy in cleaning are usually added value factors that the client greatly appreciates.

Where to start

Any vehicle that circulates in your area is a potential customer for the car wash business:
owners of private cars and motorcycles, taxis, passenger vehicles such as large and medium buses or urban transportation services.

Getting a location in a busy area or close to shopping centers is highly recommended since people will be able to attend to other activities while their car is washed.

Then choose the type of user that best suits your area and the service you want to offer. Then, define the lines of that service, which may include:

• Interior and exterior cleaning
• Vacuuming
• Polishing
• Waxing
• Deep cleaning of upholstery

It is important that when defining the rate you study how much other car washes in the area charge to offer a competitive price.

Costs and supplies

Within your monthly operation plan, you must consider the following supplies:
• Service and water supply
• Shampoos
• Detergents and rinse aids
• Waxes and silicones
• Degreasers
• Buckets
• Flannels
• Brushes
• Sponges

Within your operating budget you must consider the following costs:
• Property rent [fixed]
• Salary of washers and assistants [fixed] can be by commission
• Salary of manager or car wash attendant
• Cleaning supplies [variable]
• Taxes [variable]

Initial Investment

When starting the Car wash business, you must budget for the following investment:

• Rent for the property or work premises
• Rent deposit
• Initial contracts
• Advertising
• Cleaning supplies
• Equipment: water guns, vacuum cleaners, polishers and a compressor
• Procedures and legalization of the business

Value added

Make sure you have a comfortable waiting room where the person can wait while their vehicle is being serviced, this is something very attractive to customers.

Place magazines, television or snacks. The latter can represent an extra income for the business, since you can offer your customers some snacks, ceviches or drinks while they wait.

Use good quality cleaning products, as this ensures a high level of service that customers will notice. Remember that no one likes having their fine car washed with cheap or poor quality shampoo.

Income projection

The estimated income of the business is calculated based on the number of vehicles that can be serviced throughout the month. This depends on the sector where your business is established and the advertising you can do.

Not bad for starting your own business!