Startup Procrastination- Reason Why You May Never Start

Procrastination has been a major problem in many lives. Today, we often push forward activities meant for the day with flimsy excuses and sometimes we feign ill health as a means of avoiding our business duties or doing important things. Many business opportunities have been lost due to constant procrastination which has made failure inevitable.

We miss out on our potential due to delays and negligence of our duties, although we feel good and happy shying away from what we ought to do once we realize our mistakes we end up in regrets and wishing we could turn back the hands of time.

Procrastination has a very sad effect on one and if it persists may result to the habit which has the power to stagnate one forever, we waste the majority of our hours doing irrelevant things whereas our projects, chores, tasks, duties, etc are set aside until the last minute before the deadline.

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Cause of procrastination in Business and why you may never start a business nor succeed.

1. Laziness:

This is simply a major cause of procrastination, we put things off because we are too lazy to do them. Excessive procrastination can result in habit development which may become a health problem over time.

2. Comparison:

Often times we compare our business with other businesses in society and we may feel that we are better than others in our grade and so we procrastinate because of that feeling of superiority.

3. Inadequate Time Management:

We fail to manage our time by arranging activities in such a way that we can not finish them and so we procrastinate.

4. Distraction:

We become distracted and other things take our time rather than our tasks, these distractions can come in many forms such as movies, games, social media, etc. All these things can prevent one from going about his important task.

5. Lack of Motivation:

We give excessive reasons for not going about our business duties, excuses for not doing them because we lack interest in them. This affects Aspiring Entrepreneurs particularly due to no interest in a particular business as a result of the nature of course.

6. Fear:

As long as you continue to fear the outcome of your project you can never start a business nor do well or even attempt to do them and believing that if you try harder you may fail, you tend to procrastinate in your startup and this fear limits you from achieving success and having greater opportunities.

Dangers of Procrastination

There are several limitations attached to procrastination which can be very dangerous.

a. Failure:

Procrastination breeds failure. Fear limits you and this leads to disappointment and inability to attain success.

b. Low esteem:

It makes you doubt yourself and always worry about your performance.

c. Health Problems:

When you neglect your task until the deadline, you become stressed and worry a lot trying to accomplish them and you even start thinking about the outcome of your task and this is not good for your health.

There are more dangers that can damage one’s life and future, therefore avoid procrastination and always perform your duties at the right time.