Street Beggar Rejects N50, Demands N500 From Helper

Man receives the shock of his life after he offered money to a street beggar but rejected It because it’s of lower currency.

According to the young man, whose name is identified as Chidi, said that he was travelling through Port-Harcourt road when he saw a beggar, he decided to show concerned and gave him N50, but to his shock, the man rejected it while still holding his hand, saying that he only accepts N500 upward.

It is no longer news that many beggars in Nigeria now have the choice of currency they accept, you dare not give some of them a lower currency, they see it as an insult to their person.

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Gone are the days when beggars take whatever is given to them with all gratitude, some will almost shed tears when you give them a higher currency.

Indeed those days are far gone.

In amazement, Chidi shared the story on his Twitter page, noting that the street beggar refused the lower currency and claims that he only accept higher currencies, starting from N500.

Chidi shares;

Street Beggar


It would have been understood if probably it was a well to do somebody who needs emergency help to meet a need with the exact amount for urgency.┬áBut funny enough, it’s a beggar who should have appreciated even a N20 gift.


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