The Most Valuable Investment: Invest In Yourself

Everyone is interested in a profitable investment. According to surveys, almost everyone is ready to invest money where the return on investment is 100% or more. But, how and where do find such opportunities to guarantee such a high result?

Today they talk a lot about bitcoins, which have grown a thousand times over 7 years. Remember the real estate boom and high technology. But about what was not discussed, it was impossible to predict the result in advance.

Therefore, the question arises: is there an opportunity to invest in such a way as to guarantee an outstanding result? Yes, there is. And the object of investment, in this case, is you yourself.

Your skills, your environment, and your business are the very objects for investment that can give outstanding results. And the rate of return is almost always several times higher compared to classic investments in gold, currency, or real estate.

The Most Valuable Investment: Invest In Yourself

Here are some illustrative examples that show how to invest in yourself and what results it gives.

Investing in Skills and Health

Those who are now 20 years old are unlikely to understand the value of health. But without it, it is impossible to achieve any result. 

Thanks to medicine and technology, the average person now lives not 30-40 years, but 60-80-100. The only problem is that if you do not protect your health, do not invest in it, you will spend most of your life helpless, helpless cripple.

Therefore, it is important to invest in health from the very beginning. Otherwise, neither money nor businesses will help.

As for the skills, it is they that allow each of us to create our own wealth. The return on a reasonable investment in your experience, knowledge is not even 100%, but 1000% and more! I know it well by my personal example: investment in training has helped to increase personal income several times over the course of 1 year. Not to mention ROI in a few years.

Invest Your Time Wisely

Perhaps the most common and grave mistake made by entrepreneurs and specialists is the inability to value their time. Unlike money, it does not earn.

However, in order to clearly understand the “price of time”, make the following calculation: divide your annual income by 2,000 hours (approximately how much we work per year). You will get a figure of how much your hour is.

Any action that will bring less than this amount – delegate. Especially if you are not a specialist in the topic or do not like a particular type of activity. Focus your strengths on what is truly valuable to you, your business, and your goal.

Open Offshore Companies

First of all, this applies to those entrepreneurs who dream of international business.

It is wiser to invest money right away where you and your company are treated with at least respect. Open an offshore company immediately and where it suits your goals.

This saves you resources: instead of future re-domiciliation, opening new accounts, registering additional companies, etc., you immediately open a company where it is profitable.

Open Foreign Bank Accounts in Person and Remotely

A foreign bank account is an additional security guarantee. Any wealthy person tells us: you need to sort your assets into different places. Including different countries and banks.

A backup account works like insurance, plus it helps to earn money (investment, deposit accounts).

Another question is that thanks to technology you can open an account, both remotely and personally.

Pay Bills On Time

A characteristic feature of many is to put the matter back in the long haul. This also applies to accounts: it seems that you have to pay too much at a time. 

I have a friend who did not pay for the phone on time and was turned off for him once every 3 months. In the end, he missed some important calls and meetings that would expand his business to several countries.

In addition, overdue bills with interest charge interest. This applies to both skipping phone payments and taxes. And service providers will always find a way to put pressure on the debtor.

That is why it is worth paying bills on time – so that the debt does not grow and absorb your condition. In addition, the experience of debt kills nerve cells even more than banknotes in the wallet.

Invest in Your Relaxation, Comfort, and Pleasure

A comfortable hotel room, wholesome food, a vivid experience at the resort – this seems like a waste of stale savings. But it is a necessary fuel for your functioning.

Invest a reasonable amount of money in getting enough sleep on the bed in a hotel with air conditioning; to a temporary office to receive clients and work out a new project; into the sleep chamber at the airport after a long flight; in yoga classes to relieve stress; tasty food to understand – I’m making money for a reason!

The feeling of wealth comes from within – if you feel wealthy, then making a big fortune is much easier. Slaves on galleys worked for hours without respite, but somehow life and comfort did not spoil them.

Do not give in to slavery of austerities – everything should be in moderation.

Spare House – Even if You Are Not There

Feeling confident is very important. But how to create it? The easiest option, if we are talking about money, is to create an airbag that will feed you and your family even in the event of your disability.

This may be cash reserves, accounts with foreign banks, investment portfolios, life insurance.

But there is one more detail that inspires confidence: this is the opportunity to leave a sinking ship at any time. For this, it is necessary to have not only a foreign account but also a foreign residence.

A residence permit or permanent residence in another country will allow you not to think about where to go if the country is scrapped or the current authorities come for your assets and freedom.

Prudent people buy property abroad, even if they do not plan to live there permanently. Let you have a second home.

Thus, you invest in a real asset (real estate), get a second house, and at the same time second citizenship. If you measure with money, then after 5 years of owning real estate, in most countries it is allowed to resell the object and return the investment made in it.

Invest in Connection With Professionals

“The income of each person is equal to the average of the income of his 5-10 closest friends” – this is the famous idea. If you want to be rich or getting richer, look for those who are already above you.

Invest your time and money in those who earn more, in those who have achieved high results in the field you need.

Advanced people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to get behind the scenes of prominent speakers, entrepreneurs and just sit with them for a little while. Sometimes, in order to build a relationship with a senior or experienced person, first, he needs to pay for the services.

This is the fastest way.

And the presence of a network of contacts helps you to solve almost any problem. No wonder that at all times flaunted contacts in the “upper circles”, regardless of the size of the state. As practice shows, the wider and more professional your contacts, the steeper you yourself and the more thorough your bank account.

Such investments can be made in oneself and get excellent returns.

How do you invest in yourself? What are your priorities? Share with Us.