The Real Truth Of N-power You Are yet To Know

N-power- My thoughts on the 500,000 job empowerment initiative recently launched by the present administration that struck me most are “Every participant will be given a laptop computer for the program”Somebody will say; and so?, I already have a computer?, The computers might even be fake?, Who cares? and the likes but those words can only escape from the tongue of a shallow thinking individual. A low thinker. An end result of bribe-and-pass educational flow.Yes! Who cares if the government gives 3 computers to every 1 participant? Who needs it anyway? Like the words of a popular Nigerian artist, “who heEPP”? No one! But it takes a great mind to see the bigger picture.

The one-in-a-lifetime opportunity this could mean for you, me and for us(of course without the myopic thoughts). There have never been anywhere in the world where this large number of computer is distributed to a single parastatal. The contract to distribute even a low tech 500000+ pieces of computer system runs in Billions of Nigerian Naira (OMG!). No single firm can handle this large distribution in the given time bracket.

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N-power ! So hello Nigerian youth, I have read both your positive and negative reactions on this newly publicized initiative and although everyone has an unchallenged right to personal thoughts and freedom of speech so is the right to be responsible for what comes after. I have passed the stage of feeling irked by the weird and thoughtless comments I read from the handles of our supposed leaders of today and now I believe the mission of the biblical Moses should be embraced, not to lead the Israeli slaves to the promised land but to free the children of Israelites from their slavish way of reasoning. The ones who escaped “the promised land” to Nigeria.

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Regardless of whether shady or transparent, fair or corrupted. Regardless of the modalities or chances of an average Nigerian getting employed through N-power. Regardless of the intent, purpose, goal or objective or whether it’ll survive or not. Regardless of who’s driving the program, his integrity, commitment to the cause. Regardless of the need for the program or the impacts of its existence. Regardless of party affiliation, criticism, ethnical reasoning or ideological differences clouding the success of this program, the REALITY is, Five Hundred Thousand Computer Systems will be distributed and the contract will be given out to a particular someone or group for execution.

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My question about N-power then is, will you keep languishing in your penniless world (or better still, the average world of an employed youth)frolicking thoughtlessly with the gadget beautifully designed by youths like you spilling ignorantly on issues just to get on the list of contributors while hiding under the hypocritical umbrella of an alphanumerical identifiers you call username or get your ass up and think about how to benefit financially or experience-wise from a program flagged in your own backyard… Your own country?!

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Forgive me for been so shallow minded and having a unidirectional thought on matters that seems so ladened with endless opportunities but I’ll rather push forward with the belief that somehow there is an opportunity mirage in the unstable situation of this country than languish in circle of plebeians whose thoughts have been myopically colonized and reasoning enslaved in their chained cycle of low self-esteem and limitation. This isn’t to say the Nigerian dubious system as changed so much that youth can get their hands on government contracts so easy though. This piece is to encourage the few ones who understand that to hunt and Elephant, a hunter needs to break through the walls of his own limits.

I dare ask you, even when all the odds say the milky part of this program is preserved for “the peeps in their cycle”, have you made an effort to break through their walls? Well, my thoughts though.



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