The Wealthiest Yoruba Man In Nigeria & Net Worth 2021

Who is the richest Yoruba man in Nigeria? This is the question most people have been asking. Recently, we posted the top 10 richest Igbo men in Nigeria, you can check it out also.

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Without taking much of your time, this post will be centered on the richest Yoruba man in Nigeria, we plan to make a more comprehensive list of the top 10 richest Yoruba men both home and abroad so stay tuned to this blog.

Today’s topic is focused on this great icon, he made his money from businesses and not politics, and to back it up he is ranked by the rating brand Forbes.

Who Is The Richest Yoruba Man Currently?

The richest Yoruba man in Nigeria currently is Mike Adenuga and also he is the 2nd richest man in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $7.2 billion USD accoring to Forbes.

Have you ever heard of Glo or Globacom? Mike Adenuga is the owner of second largest telecommuniation company “Globacom” and also the founder of ConOil one of Nigeria biggest oil comapanies, he is the wealthiest Yoruba man in Nigeria.

Mike Adenuga was born on the 29th of November 1953 at Ibadan Oyo state where he did his primary education. Just like every other Nigerian who got opportuned to study abroad, he worked as a taxi driver to sponsor his tertiary education in the United States.

He had his Business Administration degrees at the Northwestern Oklahoma State University and also the Pace University in New York City.

Mike Adenuga Jnr. started his exploitation of business in 1990 after he was granted his drilling license for his company named Consolidated Oil, he was given the permission to dig oil from the shallow waters of Ondo state which is part of the oil producing states in Nigeria.

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He has been into oil and gas for so long but not so popular, he got the public full attention when he started the telecommunication company “Globacom”. Mind you, he is also into many businesses and he has been at the top of his games since.

Mike Adenuga also have plenty of landed properties, fleet of cars and also a private jet whih alone worth $51 million US. He is the richest Yoruba man back to back for years now.

Mike Adenuga net worth is currently estimated at $9 billion, he is one of Nigeria finnest, the wealthiest Yoruba man in Nigeria and has been keeping the flag up.


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