Top 10 Longest Bridges in Africa (2021)

The longest bridge in Africa was Nigeria’s Third Mainland Bridge which means Nigeria topped the list for the longest bridges in Africa but recently Egypt’s 6th October Bridge has snatched the first position and now considered as the longest bridge in Africa.

Several long bridges in Africa connect several places in their respective countries. The top 10 longest bridges in Africa are the 6th October Bridge, Third Mainland Bridge, Suez Canal Bridge, Ponte Dona Ana Bridge, Island of Mozambique (in that order).

To see the top 10 largest bridges in Africa then you should read further!

Top 10 Longest Bridges in Africa

Here is the list of the top ten Africa longest bridges;

  1. 6th October Bridge, Egypt
  2. Third Mainland Bridge, Nigeria
  3. Suez Canal Bridge, Egypt
  4. Island Bridge, Mozambique
  5. Dona Ana Bridge, Mozambique
  6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, Mozambique
  7. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge
  8. Wouri River Bridge, Cameroun
  9. Mkapa Bridge in Tanzania
  10. Katima Mulilo Bridge, Namibia

To get further insight about the longest bridges in Africa we have expatiate on each one of them stating the features, length and other things you need to know about them.

1. 6th October bridge

th October Bridge is the longest bridge in Africa with a length of 20,500 meters. It is located in the center of Cairo, Egypt and is an elevated highway. It crosses the Nile from the suburbs on the west bank and crosses the east and Gezira Island to the center of Cairo. Its endpoint connects the city to Cairo International Airport towards the east.

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The origin of the name comes from the beginning of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The construction of the bridge was a national infrastructure project that started in 1969 and took 30 years to complete. The bridge is the backbone of Cairo, as almost all 500,000 residents use it daily.

2. Third Mainland Bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge is located in Nigeria and connects the island of Lagos to the mainland with two other bridges, Carter Bridge and Eko Bridge. It has a length of 11,800 meters.

Oworonshoki marks the starting point of the bridge that crosses Apapa-Oshodi and Lagos-Ibadan. Its endpoint is Adeniji Adele. The bridge is very busy during the week and the heavy traffic makes it difficult for people to travel to and from the city of Lagos.

3. Suez Canal Bridge

The Suez Canal Bridge is a highway bridge that crosses the Suez Canal at El Qantara in Egypt. The bridge is 3,900 meters long. It connects the African and Eurasian continents and the Japanese government helped to build the bridge.

The bridge contributed to the development of the regions around the Suez Canal. The construction of the bridge was carried out in conjunction with other projects, including the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, the crossing of the Suez Canal high voltage line and the El Ferdan Railway Bridge.

5. Dona Ana Bridge

The Dona Ana Bridge is the connection between the two halves of Mozambique, covering the lower Zambezi River, in the middle of the cities of Mutarara and Vila de Sena. Its length is 3,670 meters. The government of Portugal built the Dondo da Beira railway line.

The bridge is an alternative route in the Zambezi. Originally, there were two options in Cala and Tete, but they were unreliable at all times. The Dona Ana bridge is also the longest bridge across the Zambezi River.

6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge

The Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge is also one of the longest bridges in Africa and it was named after the former Mozambique president Armando Eguebuza. The bridge cut across the Zambezi River and connects the provinces of Sofala and Zambezia. It is known to be one of Africa’s longest bridges with the length being 2.37 km long.

7. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge

The Qasr Al-nil bridge is located in Egypt and was formerly known as the Khedive Ismail Bridge. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge has a length of 1.932 km and it was built over the Nile River.

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8. Wouri River Bridge

Just as the name sounds, the Wouri Bridge was built across the Wouri river which is located in Cameroun. The bridge was constructed by the French during the colonial period in 1950s. Wouri bridge joins Douala to the port of Bonaberi.

Wouri Rivers bridge has a length of 1.8 kilometers making it one of the longest bridges in Africa.

9. Mkapa Bridge

Don’t be surprised the Mkapa Bridge made it on the list of longest bridges in Africa with a length of 970 meters making it the 9th longest bridge in Africa. Mkapa Bridge was built with financial assistance from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Opec.

Mkapa Bridge was inaugurated in the year 2003 and was named after the third Tanzania president “Benjamin Mpaka”.

10. Katima Mulilo Bridge

Lastly, on our list of longest bridges in Africa is the Katima Mulilo Bridge located in Namibia. The Katima Mulilo Bridge linked Katima Mulilo in Namibia with Sesheke in Zambia, the bridge is also known as the 508 bridge right on the Namibia registry with a length of 900 meters.


Africa’s five longest bridges are located in Egypt, Nigeria and Mozambique. Due to the facilitation of transportation they provide, all bridges have contributed to development in their respective countries.


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