Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

There are many tourist attractions in Nigeria you can visit or explore during your leisure time. The country is endowed with many pretty sceneries and amusing historical-cultural inheritances. There are also many waterfalls, hills, parks, and monadnocks littered around the country.

If you are looking forward to visiting any of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria, this list will do justice to that. Many Nigeria Tourist attractions on this list will make you marvel at how exotic and beautiful nature can be.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Of course, Nigeria is filled with a lot of tourist centers. But we will only be taking a look at the top 10 tourist attractions in Nigeria.

1. Yankari Game Reserves

Yankari Game Reserves remains one of the popular tourist attractions in Nigeria. Both old and young visit this tourist center which is located in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria (Bauchi State).

In this Nigeria attraction Center, you will be able to see different species of animals carrying out their daily activities. Animals like monkeys, Elephants, Baboons, Snakes, Antelope, and others can also be found in these reserves.

Also, there are beautiful views of tropical forests to the warm spring of the reserve. For tourists who love nature especially the serene and greenery outlook full of wild animals, Yankari Game Reserves will be your best bet!

2. Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is located in a serene peaceful town in Abeokuta since the 19th century. The Rock is quite popular among different ages of tourists. It has a gigantic appearance with mysterious tunnels, broken paths, a greenery garden, and tall trees around it.

The Rock has some historical belief in protecting the people of the town. The indigenous people believe it is their fortress and guard.

The name of the town when translated to English means “Under the Rock”. This can be seen in the way the town is surrounded by Rocks and Olumo Rock is the biggest in the town. You can visit the beautiful big rock today to appreciate the beauty of nature.

3. Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is a 5 tall story building with an artistic touch and spotless white wall located in Lagos State. It’s one of the few tourist attractions in Nigeria where historical and cultural elements can be found.

If you are interested in the diverse culture and heritage of the country, Nike Art Gallery is the best place to get started. Visit the place to take a look at different stone sculptures, artistic materials, craftworks, tie and dye, and so on.

4. Zuma Rock

Similar to Olumo Rock, Zuma Rock is a big rock located in Mandala, Niger State close to the Federal Capital Territory. The single big rock has a face that resembles that of a human.

It’s also surrounded by small rocks which are believed to be a sign of respect by other small rocks. According to the Villagers, another rock surrounding the big rock and giving some distance between them is a sign of respect.

5. Kainji National Parks

Kainji National Parks has 3 regions namely the Lakes, Zurguma and Borgu Region. The tourist and visitors are only allowed to visit the Borgu region which is a beautiful tourist attraction in Nigeria.

The Park is filled with different species of fauna and flora as well as games and beautiful scenes. Most Animals like Elephants, Deer, and Hippotamus in these parks move freely in their allocated spaces. There are also many animal skins, arts, and pictures preserved inside the Park’s museum.

With all these amazing species of animals and all the greenery scenes to look at, you will enjoy the Kainji National Parks.

6. Tinapa Resorts and Free Zone

Unlike other tourist attractions in Nigeria that reek of cultural inheritance and history, Tinapa Resorts and Free Zone is a modern facility. It’s one of the new interesting places to enjoy your free time.

You can choose to walk around in the Free Zone or go clubbing in the Resort’s nightclub. There are also Casinos to play, a bar to drink, and most importantly a family spot to enjoy. Doesn’t it sound like all shades of fun? Visit Tinapa Resorts in Cross River and Free Zone to enjoy your life!

7. Agodi Gardens

Agodi Botanical Gardens which is also referred to as Agodi Gardens is a quiet and serene Garden. It’s located on about 150 acres of land in Ibadan.

Agodi Garden is best for observing a break from the twist of life and reality. It’s a quiet and beautiful environment that is helpful to rejuvenate the soul and spirit. It’s also good for spending quality time with lovers and family.

With various water parks, colorful garden, and animal enclosure, Agodi Garden offers a calm and soothing composure to tourists. No wonder, it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria.

8. Osun Sacred Grove

Do you want to stay abreast of the ancient world? Osun Sacred Grove offers all past experiences to different tourists as many mythical elements can be found in the shrine.

The grove is located in Osun State at the banks of the Osun River on the outskirts of Oshogbo. It’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria. The grove is believed to be home to “Osun”, the state Goddess of fertility.

Hence, the display of different cultural elements and artistic materials including deities and sculptures. Not only that, there are different species of plants and herbs growing naturally in the groves

The Goddess is celebrated every year during its festivals by some Yorubas in the state. The grove which is popularly known as the shrine of the Goddess is also open to all tourists irrespective of their ages.

9. Ogbunke Caves

Ogbunke caves is a traditional and ancestral tourist attraction in Enugu. The cave has different tunnels inside as well as holes and stones. You will be amazed to find things like talking stones, tortoise holes, crocodile holes, and so on.

There are also different portraits and sculptures of snakes, Pythons, and Crocodiles hanging on the wall. You should not be afraid to touch these things as it is safe. You are also free to move in different directions and enter different spaces. Just ensure you go with your searchlight or phone to enjoy the sights.

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10. Awhum Water

This is also one of the popular waterfalls in Nigeria which has attracted the attention of many tourists. The clean and energized water flows from elevated levels down to the ground. With huge gigantic rocks surrounding it, it creates a good view for the tourists.

The water is quite famous for its spiritual prowess as believed by the people who are close to the waterfall. You can visit Awhum to enjoy its view, it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria, today.

More on Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

There are many other top Nigeria Tourist attractions including Dream World Africana, Kano city Walls, New African Shrine, and so on. You can visit any of them in your free time.

Just ensure you get prepared for it by taking along food, water,  searchlights, clothes, and walk-in comfortable shoes. We also advise you to go in groups rather than moving alone. We hope you enjoy your trip!