Top 20 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Looking at the fee of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria, one would wonder what could make a parent pays such a huge amount for an ordinary secondary student.

But Children are believed to be the leaders of tomorrow, our paramount future which needs to be planned for. What is too much to sow into your future(Child’s life)?

Knowingly that the public schools nowadays lack the required equipment with facilities to give the young ones the best education. Which parents wouldn’t pay such amount once they can afford it and still get value for their money?

Below is the list of the top 20 most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with their school fees.

1. American International School of Lagos – (5.5 Million and Above).

The American International School of Lagos(AISL) is currently the most expensive secondary school in Nigeria. This private International School educates and teaches their students based on the American recommended standard curriculum. The School teachings are strictly based on the US curriculum and academic standards.

The school fees are also paid in dollars but when converted to naira, it falls between 5.5 million nairas or above depending on the currency rate. The school is fully recognized and registered by the International regulating bodies.
The physical location of the School is behind the federal estate, Victoria Island in Lagos. Visit to know more about the school.

2. Grange High School, Lagos -(4.5Million).

After AISL, Grange is the second most expensive secondary school in Lagos. Grange is a British owned school which provides a suitable and conducive environment with sophisticated learning materials for the students. Students from this school are treated with the utmost respect, care, and dignity. The fee of this British owned school is 4.5Million per session.

They can be located at 6, Harold Shodipo Crescent in Ikeja’s GRA, Lagos state. Visit their website at to enroll your child.

3. British International School, Lagos – (4.48 Million and Above).

This is another British multinational school in Lagos which is also one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria. The British International School which was created in September 2001 also pays in dollars like the AISL.

The School environment comprises of many sophisticated buildings like the music suite, multipurpose hall, computer room, swimming pool and so on.

The school is operated in standard with England’s required curriculum. Visit to know more about the school.

4. American International School, Abuja – (4.3 Million).

This another top expensive secondary school that is recognized and fully endorsed by the American International bodies for secondary schools. The school which has many students from more than 30 nationalities has been in service since 1993.

It’s located in the federal capital city of Nigeria at plot 346 Cadastral zone B, Dummi. Only the top elites children attend this school, which explains why the total number of the whole students doesn’t come close to 1000.

5. Lekki British International High School – (4 Million).

Another topmost expensive secondary school in Lagos is the Lekki British International High School. It’s also a British owned school, which was established 20 years ago. They have one of the finest buildings in West Africa with fully air-conditioned classrooms, laboratories, and hostels.

The wonderful thing about this school is its ability to balance Academics with relaxation and funs. Visit for more details.

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6. Day Waterman College – (3.7 Million)

If you noticed, most of the top expensive secondary schools are either in Lagos or Abuja. Surprisingly, Day Waterman College is one of the exceptions as the school is located along the Abeokuta-Sagamu expressway in Ogun State. The School teaching environment is world-class; a peaceful and serene environment.
Visit [email protected] for more details about the school.

7. Greensprings School, Lagos State – (3.185 Million)

This is the only one among the top most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria that runs both daily and boarding plans for students. If you have been searching for expensive secondary schools that admit day students also, you may want to consider Greensprings School. The day student fees Are about #1,925,200 while the boarding fees are about 3 million+.

Visit to get more details for your kids.

8. Meadow Hall Schools, Lagos state – (3 Million).

Meadow Hall Educational school is established by Mrs. Kehinde Nwani, which is physically located around Elegushi Beach Road, Lekki, Lagos. The school mission is to help the younger ones to develop their God-given potentials and talents with a fee of 3 million nairas only every year.
Visit to learn more.

9. Loyola Jesuit School, Abuja – (2.8 Million).

From the name, Loyola Jesuit College is a school supervised by members of the Society of Jesus(Jesuits). It’s a Christian boarding school that is selective in admitting students. The school ensures it equips students with religious beliefs and morals.

Do you want your children to grow religiously with good moral values, Loyola Jesuit is your best bet.

Visit to register your wards.

10. Hill Crest School – (2.65 Million)

Hillcrest School, no doubt is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria with good religious inclinations. Amazingly, it’s located in the Northern part of Nigeria in Jos.

The School is supervised by 8 missions and churches hence it’s a Christian boarding school with its students from many nations apart from Nigeria. They also follow the American Standard Curriculum.

Other next ten expensive secondary schools’ fees are as low as 3Million or even to a lesser extent of 1.5 million annually.

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 11. Corona Secondary School, Agbara in Ogun state – (2.55 Million)

This is another expensive secondary school in which the student pays about 2.55 annually. The school aims at providing a World-Class school capable of equipping the student with good knowledge. In order to combat WAEC, NECO and IGSE international exams. The school environment is conducive to quality staff.

Website: Visit

12. Atlantic Hall, Epe in Lagos – (2.27 Million)

The Atlantic hall school is one of the most expensive secondary school in Nigeria with a tuition fee of 2.27 million. This does not include other additional fees (e.g uniforms and books).

The School has enough manpower in directing and teaching its students. Excellence is the School’s main watchword as they provide well-equipped laboratories and other informative materials. The school also encourages the students to participate in extracurricular activities.

Website: Visit

13. Chrisland College High School, Ikeja(2 Million)

This is another expensive school in Lagos. The physical location of the School is in Ikeja, around Ladipo Oluwole Avenue.

The school aims at producing vibrant and intelligent students who can compete not only nationally but Internationally.

The School fees of Chrisland College is 2 million nairas per annually and must be paid before the resumption date.

Website: Visit

14. Dowen College, Lekki Lagos – (2 Million)

Like Chrisland College, Dowen college school fee is 2 million. The School runs both day and boarding plans for its students. The boarding fee for the students is about 2 million while the day students’ fees are just 1,250,000.

Website: Visit

15. Whiteplans British School, Abuja – (1.6 Million)

This is another expensive secondary school located in, Nigeria Capital City; Abuja. Like other British Schools, the curriculum used for student is in line with the British standards and Nigerian’s guidelines. Parents of the student who attended the schools spend about 1.6 million in the school annually.

Website: Visit

17. International Community School, Abuja -(1.9 Million)

ICS for short is another expensive secondary school in Abuja. Over 500 students enrolled in the school from 38 countries as a result of its standards and excellence.

Website: Visit

18. Greenoak International College, Port Harcourt – (1.9 Million)

Greenoak International School is located around the GRA Phase 3 directly Tombia Road extension in Port Harcourt.

The school is one of the best in Nigeria. Not surprising, seeing the huge amount paid by parents for their children to get a quality education.

Website: visit

19. Norwegia International School, Port Harcourt – (1,843,750 million)

This is another World-Class school with an enviable record. The school whose location is at Rotimi Amaechi Road, GRA phase 3 in Port Harcourt, pays about 2,547,647 million as school fees annually.

Website: Visit

20. Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja – (1.6 million)

The School was established in 1998 with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the two countries; Nigeria and Turkish.

The school operates purely on Turkey-based Curriculum in line with Nigeria Educational standard. Many recreational and educating activities are also put in place.

Website: Visi

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There are many top-class and expensive secondary schools in Nigeria that offers quality and standard education. Many schools’ fees that are listed here may seem expensive but with the structures, resources, and facilities provided, it definitely worth it.

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