Top Business Investment Opportunities In Guyana

If we were to start with a poll right now and ask how many of us here have heard about the place called Guyana, or have even given it much thought, we know that there would be but a few hands up.

Today, we hope to change the way you look at Guyana and give you something else you look forward to whenever you think of this region – money, and good business.

Guyana has a lot of landmass and ample natural resources, and given that they’ve been living decently for a long time now, this does more to boost the credibility of the economy in support of the business.

For anyone that would love to set up the shot on Guyana, the first thing we advise is the conduction of an impressive feasibility study after which you would know the best place and requirements for the setting up of your business there. As soon as this is done, we get into what we have for you today and start suggesting the most impressive business options out there.

1. Extraction and Construction

Guyana produces its own gold and bauxite and this makes this option one of the best out there. Proper planning and implementation, could make any businessman rich beyond the next generation.

There are still many sites in the country that need an extractor to work on them due to the abundance of gold and bauxite. Even though this is a capital-intensive project, it is one that returns great profits in not much time at all.

2. Rice Farming/ Milling

Before any other thing in life, the main aim of man is survival, and one of the requirements of survival is feeding.

Looking all around, the staple food (behind bread) is rice. If you choose a location as populated as Guyana, which is still noted for the importation of a sizeable amount of its food products, and start milling rice there at cheaper rates than what they would be imported, you would be on your way to making your own millions too.

Note that when we say cheaper, we know that you would still make a huge profit nonetheless.

3. Timber Production

The land in Guyana is very rich for planting and cultivation of trees. This is why the country is one of the major regions for the processing and sales of timber in the region it falls into.

There are still a number of lands and forests which are yet to be claimed, and every one of such lands translates to a pocket full of money for you.

You could buy an empty plot of land and start planting your own forest. To make sure that you just don’t lie idle till the trees start to grow, you could also purchase a forest where timberline trees are being grown and fell them for other uses such as construction, processing into other materials, etc.

4. Sugar Refinery

Sugar happens to be one of the most demanded commodities in Guyana and looking at the stats, the residents cannot just get enough of it. You could open up a sugar refinery in the region and start processing your own special kind of branded sugar.

If you think the cost of the overall setup is high, you could obtain licensing from a sugar refinery that had not already been present in the region to use their resources and name to sell your own products too.

The thing with sugar is that it also has a very huge appeal in the international market, so you need not worry about running out of business at any point in time.

5. Arts and Crafts

To the kind of economic system that is being practiced in Guyana and some other government policies to favor the home manufacturing companies, the country doesn’t depend solely on importation to meet its needs. This means that there is a market for you if what you would love to go into are arts and crafts, and you are surely going to enjoy every bit of it.

The foreigners are a fan of local art, and being home to a lot of tourists day-in-day-out, you can be sure that your business is transcending the locals.