Tracy Dawson’s Net Worth and Biography: Facts About Les Dawson’s Wife

Here we will discuss Tracy Dawson’s Net Worth and Biography: Facts About Les Dawson’s Wife. Tracy Dawson who is popularly referred to as Les Dawson’s wife is a 71 years old mother of 3.

She became famous for marrying the late Les Dawson who is an English actor, comedian, and presenter.

At age 62 years old, Les Dawson died of a heart attack while his daughter, the only fruit of the union; Charlotte Dawson was 8 months old.

Since then, Tracy has been single to date even though she was previously married with children before meeting Les Dawson.

Late Les Dawson, an American actor, comedian and presenter
Tracy with Les Dawson’s daughter, Charlotte Dawson

Want to know about Tracy Dawson’s age, the number of children, net worth, and other facts? Finish reading Tracy Dawson’s net worth and biography to find more interesting facts about Les Dawson’s wife.

Early Life and Background

Tracy Dawson (formerly Tracy Roper) who is popularly known as Les Dawson’s wife was born in the 1950s in England, UK. Regarding her background, family, and siblings, there is little or no information about the 71 years old mother of three. See Autumn Synder Biography – Facts about Zack Synder’s Daughter’s Death


As mentioned earlier, Tracy Roper became popular after marrying Les Dawson. Hence, there is only a little information about her in the public domain, especially regarding her private life.

Tracy is known to have worked as a barmaid at a hotel near Les Dawson’s house which is where they met.

Tracy Dawson as Les Dawson’s wife

In 1987, Tracy met Les Dawson while working as a barmaid near his house. The two started dating and got married in 1989. Their 4 years union produced a child and daughter, Charlotte Dawson.

Les Dawson with wife and daughter before death

Sadly, Les Dawson passed away at the age of 62 while Tracy was 44 and their daughter was 8 months old on June 10, 1993. Since then Tracy has refused to remarry and she remains single to date.

Previously, Tracy was married to Richard Roper whom she had 2 children for. Samantha Roper and Richard Roper were born through the union before they separated and she later married Les Dawson. Check out Dencia Net Worth, Biography, House, and Cars

Tracy Alleged Benefits Fraud

After the death of Leslie Dawson, Tracy applied for the widow’s benefit which was paid monthly. However, she was tagged as a fraud benefit in 2010.

She was alleged to be dating and living with  Mr. Chadwick, the Blackpool Panthers Rugby League Club chairman and an insurance broker in her late husband’s house.

Tracy who denied vehemently the accusation stated they were just friends. Also, she sees him as a protector who helps her to wade stalkers and some crazy fans away.

She with her daughter, Charlotte Dawson feels safe whenever he is around. Hence, nothing is going on between the two and she still has rights to the Widow’s benefit.

Tracy Dawson’s Net Worth

Being a successful comedian and actor, Les Dawson’s net worth was established to be around £2 million before his death while Tracy Dawson’s net worth is unknown.


Who is Tracy Dawson?

Tracy is popularly known as Les Dawson’s wife, a mother of 3, and a grandmother of 10.

How old is Tracy Dawson?

Tracy Dawson’s age is around 71 years old as she was born in the 1950s.

How old was Tracy when she married Les Dawson?

Tracy and Les Dawson got married in 1989 when she was allegedly 40 years old.

Was Tracy married before Les Dawson?

Tracy was married to Richard Roper and she had two children before they got separated. She married Leslie Dawson afterward.

How many Children did Tracy have with Leslie Dawson?

The duo gave birth to only a daughter, Charlotte Dawson as Les Dawson died untimely in 1993.

Where does Tracy Dawson live now?

She lives in Lytham St Annes in Blackpool, UK.