Traffic Rules and Regulations in Nigeria


Ensuring safety in Nigerian roads requires a combined effort from the road safety enforces and the drier. in fact, safety starts with everybody on the road. therefore, it’s important that you know the Nigerian rules and regulations and the consequences of defaulting. The following are the main traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria as issued by the Federal Road Safety Corps.

  1. Registration of vehicles with the appropriate authorities e.g licensing office.
  2. Obeying traffic officials like federal road safety officials, traffic wardens, etc.
  3. Avoiding over speeding I.e driving within the speed limit for different types of roads.
  4. Driving should avoid drunk drivers.The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05%. Any person driving under the influence of alcoholic drink nor drug may be imprisoned for two years.
  5. All the drivers must possess a valid driver’s license which is issued by the FRSC.
  6. Stopping pedestrian to cross when you see a zebra crossing sign (a solid yellow or white line painted on a road).
  7. Traffic signs and lights must be obeyed e.g one way, no parking, etc..   
  8. No person should park his vehicle in a public place in such a way that it causes danger, obstruction or inconvenience to other road users.
  9. No person driving a motor vehicle shall allow any person to stand or sit on anything to be placed in such a manner as to hamper the driver or lose control of the vehicle.
  10. No driver should be mentally or physically unfit when driving.
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  1. Drivers should not be overtaken in a bend.
  2. Persons under 18years are not permitted to drive.
  3. Trafficking moves on the right side of the road, while overtaking is on the left side.
  4. While driving, making phone calls is prohibited if the cell phone does not have a hands free system.
  5. Driving the right-hand vehicle is not permitted.
  6. A fire extinguisher is required to be present in every vehicle.
  7. A driving vehicle with doors left open is prohibited.
  8. Driving a vehicle with a defective number plate is illegal.
  9. Driving and parking on the walkway and curbs are not permitted.
  10. Always have a spare tire in your car.
  11. Make good use of your bumper stickers to help other motorists see your car at night.
  12. Knowledge of the road sign e.g traffic signs, road, and pavement markings as well as the Highway Code.
  13. Overloading a vehicle with passengers and goods is prohibited.


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