Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria and their Current Prices

Roofing sheets are one of the core building materials needed to complete a building structure. Unlike in the past, when roofing sheets are chosen just to cover buildings, it serves more than that single purpose these days.

There are many types of roofing sheets in Nigerian markets that are popular because of their added advantages including durability, beauty, aesthetic looks it gives, soundproof ability and so many other virtues.

This article will expose you to the different types of roofing sheets in Nigeria with their different prices. Roofing sheets in the Nigerian markets exist in different sizes, qualities, designs, and prices.

We have the ones made with Aluminum or Zinc. But before we delve into the types of roofing sheets in Nigeria with their prices, let’s take a look at the factors to consider before choosing a type of roofing sheet for your building structure.

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Roofing sheet

Before choosing a roofing sheet for your building structures, you need to consider the quality, designs, prices as well as other characteristics including durability and average lasting periods. You also need to consider the woodwork of your building if it’s already done before you buy any roofing sheets.

For instance, the woodwork of stone-coated roofings won’t work for Aluminum roofings nor will it works for step-tile roofings. So, you must understand the woodwork of the types of roofing sheets done.

If the wooden framework hasn’t been done, we advised you to choose based on the above characteristics of roofing sheets and your financial capability. For example, the stone-coated roofing wooden framework is quite expensive compared to others as it needs close-fixings of the wooden.

Types of Roofing Sheets with their Current Prices

Below are the 4 types of roofing sheets available in Nigeria Marketplace.

1. Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets


This is one of the most popular roofing sheet types used in major cities including Lagos, Abuja, and others. It’s one of the most beautiful roofing sheets in Nigeria and it is made from coated stone chips integrated with Acrylic function.

Apart from its aesthetic look, it is durable and long-lasting. It is one of the strongest roofing sheets out there due to its steel or metallic elements. It’s also soundproof and doesn’t absorb heat. Irrespective of the harsh weather conditions (during sunny days), it resists heat. It is also lightweight and doesn’t overbear the buildings with its weight.

Even though it’s expensive but it is worthwhile spending for building owners that purchase it. This is because it is rarely replaced or repaired as it does not rust or deteriorate in appearance.

when there is a need for maintenance, it’s easy and less costly. Below is the price list of Stone-Coated roofing sheets.

Types Of Roofing Sheets In Nigeria And Their Current Prices

Each square meter of 0.55mm thick, the price of

  • Roman design costs N2,600
  • Milano design costs N2,600
  • Shingles design costs N2,600
  • Bond design costs N2,450
  • Wooden Shake design costs N2,600

2. Aluminum Roofing Sheets

Compare to the Stone-Coated roofing sheet, it is less long-lasting but also strong. Aluminum Roofing sheet is cheap and affordable by the middle class. It is also one of the best quality roofing sheets in Nigeria as many dealers give 50 years guarantee.

Even though the Aluminum roofing sheet is also prone to rust and it’s not soundproof, it’s reliable, durable, and cost-effective. Below is the list of different Aluminum roofing sheets brands with their prices;


Price list of Step-tile Aluminium roofing sheets

  • A meter square with 0.55 mm thickness is N1,800
  • A meter square with 0.45 mm thick is N 1,400

Price list of Metcoppo Aluminium roofing sheet

  • A meter square with 0.55 mm thickness is N1,850
  • A meter square with 0.45 mm thickness is N1,450 per meter

Price list of Long-span aluminum roofing sheet

  • A meter square with 0.55 mm thickness is N1,650
  • A meter square with 0.45 mm thickness is N1,250

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3. Fibre Britment Roofing Sheet


This is one of the oldest roofing sheets In Nigeria. It used to be popular and high in demand until other types of roofing sheets surfaced.

Fibre Britment roofing sheet is known for its strength, ruggedness, durability, and long-lasting characteristics.

Below is the price list of Fibre Britment

  • Ordinary Fibre treatment roofing sheets cost N2,300 per square meter
  • Step-tile Fibre treatment roofing sheets cost N3,500 per square meter

4. Swiss Roofing Sheet

Swiss Roofing Sheets by Swiss Metro tiles

Talking about the most expensive and classic roofing sheet, Swiss roofing sheet prices is quite costly. Even though it has one of the best appealing looks with different quality, styles, and designs.

Swiss roofing sheet is not that popular due to its cost and it is only known by a few. The prices of Swiss Roofing sheet ranges from N3000 to N4000 per square meter.


Even though we have taken our time to research different types of roofing sheets in Nigeria with their current prices. The prices may change at any time depending on the location of purchase, exchange rate, year of production, and other factors.