Updated: Ekiti Assembly passes Amotekun bill into law

Ekiti Assembly passes Amotekun bill into law

The Ekiti State House on Friday approved the proposed law to establish the Ekiti State Safety Net Agency, also called the Amotekun body, proposed by the state governor, Dr. Kayode Fayose.

This decision followed the presentation of the House Committee’s report on Security and Special Duties in plenary.

One of the objectives of the Amotekun project is to create a safety net that collaborates and helps the Police and other security agencies to maintain law and order within the state, providing relevant information about the crime.

On Thursday, the bill had escalated the first and second readings during an extensive deliberation on the floor of the House, after the bill was transmitted by Governor Kayode Fayemi to the House.

Subsequently, it was committed to the House of Safety and Special Duties Committee, headed by the parliament representing Ekiti Constituent Group II, Hon Lateef Akanle, who conducted a public hearing attended by traditional governors, farmers, drivers unions and others interested parties on Thursday night.

Presenting the report to the house, Akanle said that certain sections have been considerably altered to suit the peculiarities and singularities of people in the state.

He read the outcome of the public plenary hearing, which included section 5 (I) of the safety net bill that the board of directors should be headed by a retired law enforcement officer, who should be a man of proven integrity or equivalent in the Nigerian Army not below the rank of Major-General.

The legislator emphasized that the proposed law is an extensive product of deliberation by critical stakeholders, noting that its provisions have been thoroughly subject to clause by clause and point-by-point scrutiny at the public hearing.

There was an exhaustive debate on the qualification of who should head the board, such as Vice President, Hon. Hakeem Jamiu and Hon Adeoye Aribasoye, who sought to reduce the rating of the chairman of the board, should be reduced from Major-General or equivalent to a lower rating.

Jamiu said: “It is not easy to find great retired generals and, when you see them, they may be old or tired. So, let’s go down the scale to Brigadier-General, Colonel or equivalent.

“We have to think beyond the level of implementation so that we don’t get into a crisis. How many main generals do we have out there? Those who are still alive are old for this position, so we reduced the rank to Brigadier-General or Colonel or equivalent in others. police agencies, ”he submitted.

The Government Business Leader, Hon. Gboyega Aribisogan, said with the passage, that the state again exhibited leadership for example and striking features in the southwest.

In his remarks, the Speaker, Hon. Funminiyi Afuye said that the House has fulfilled its fundamental responsibility of drafting people-oriented laws that would ensure adequate protection for the lives and property of the people of the state.

Afuye expressed optimism that the Amotekun bill by adhering to the law would contain the wave of kidnappings, banditry, armed robbery and other manifestations of criminality that continued to constitute obstacles to people’s normal social and economic life.

He said: “By passing this law, we have made history and we will create great strides towards providing and ensuring that all people traveling on highways, main roads, remote areas, interior and forest are free to participate in their social and social activities. normal. economic life without fear or hindrance.

“One of the main concerns has always been the issue of kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery and all other forms of crime. We believe that this project will provide the necessary security for our people.

Afuye, who expressed confidence that the governor will be thorough with the implementation after a favorable opinion, said that “we can be sure that the implementation will be thorough, because we have not approved this project in vain.

“You don’t have to preach to converts. We have a governor who is Amotekun himself and we have not passed the law in vain, so you can be sure that the law will receive a quick consent from the governor, ”he said.

In some amendments being sought in the final copy by members, Afuye added: “You cannot get a perfect law anywhere and if you pass a law and if it becomes problematic tomorrow, the mechanism of change will be put in place.

“Look at the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, people are still saying that some aspects must be changed. Therefore, these controversial areas will be improved at the implementation level ”, he guaranteed.

Afuye praised the members of the security committee for the public hearing held, saying that they did not follow any of the House’s stipulated rules to reach the conclusion.

The speaker added that the report encompasses the opinions of people, who yearn for a well-protected and protected environment.

With the approval of the Chamber, the project is ready to be transmitted to Governor Fayemi for approval.


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