Where Is R3 On The PS4 Controller? Exposed

Find out where the R3 button is on PS4, and learn how it and the similar L3 are used in the most diverse games on the Sony console.

The R3 button on PS4, as well as the similar L3, are the least obvious of DualShock 4, the official control of Sony’s console. They are used to perform very specific functions in games, but both are quite useful. Find out where R3 and L3 are on PS4, and how these “hidden” buttons are used in console games.

Where is the R3 button on PS4?

The PS3’s R3 button and its counterpart, the L3 button, are the least obvious of the DualShock controller, but have been around since the first version of the controller, which was released in 1997 for the original PlayStation, and also on DualSense, the PS5 controller.

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This is because they are the only ones who do not have any type of identification in the control, such as names or symbols, but they are still there. These are the two analog controls, which can be pressed like ordinary buttons.

What is the function of R3 and L3?

The R3 and L3 buttons have specific functions within games, being more used in action or first-person shooter titles.

PS 4 Controller

In general, the R3 button can be used to either center the camera in its original position, since the right analog stick is usually used to move the vision, or to perform a close-range melee attack, such as a punch or a butt with a weapon.

The L3 button, in turn, is related to movement, since the left analog stick is usually used to move the character in games. Thus, the L3 is mapped in action games to trigger a race, which is maintained by the player by moving the lever.

The R3 button also has another function, connected to the PS4’s virtual keyboard. When you press it, the movement mode changes from the directional to the DualShock 4 motion sensor, just move it sideways to position the cursor on the desired letter and confirm with the “X” button.

Although using the directional pad to navigate through the letters is more practical, it is always good to have more options.

It is important to remember that the PS4’s role in games can vary from one title to another, so it is advisable to check the default configuration of the controls in each game.


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