Top 10 Worst Education Systems in the World

Have you ever wondered Which Country has Worst Education Systems in the World? Education is meant to improve the skill and mindset of people to become the very best in their respective fields thereby boosting the productivity of a country or region.

However, it is said that the education system is on a landslide, especially in some countries around the world which brings us to look into the Top Worst Education Systems in the World.

Top 10 Worst Education Systems in the World

People spend a huge fortune to be educated so that they can become better in their field. More so, education is one of the reasons why people travel from one country to another to enroll in the best schools to get the best education. That is why many people often enquire to know Which Country has Worst Education System?

So, we have compiled the list of the Top Worst Education Systems in the World below for you to glance through.

The countries listed above have the lowest Education Development Index (EDI) in the world. Continue to read below for a further discussion about each country.

1. Niger

Location: Africa

EDI: 0.528

Having asked Which Country has Worst Education System, that country is Niger, a West African country. The country perpetually ranks bottom in the UN indexes for almost any and every category. And now, has the worst education system in the world.

The country is reported to be the least literate country in the world with a little over 15% of adult literacy. Also, only 5.2% of Niger citizens have obtained a secondary education, and nearly 31% of those who attend school drop out of primary school.

More so, women’s education in this country is almost non-existence as it has the highest rate of uneducated young girls in the world with some never attending primary school at all while those that attend drop out due to financial hardship.

2. Burkina Faso

Location: Africa

EDI: 0.894

Burkina Faso is next on our list of Top 10 Worst Education Systems in the World because of its low adult literacy with an overall rate of 27.7%. sadly, a little over 2% of the population has obtained a secondary population.

However, the country’s government continue to work harder to boost education in the country and to also reduce gender gaps in education, allowing girl education to thrive in the country.

3. Mali

Location: Africa

DI: 0.612

Mali also ranks among the nations with the worst education system in the world. it is reported that more than 2 million children between the age of 5 to 17 do not attend school, and over half of Mali’s young population between the age of 15 to 24 are not literate.

More so, teachers who teach in primary ad secondary schools in this country are not properly equipped to teach which is a big discouragement. However, The country’s government and the educational body continue to work hard to promote quality education in the country.

4. The Central African Republic (CAR)

Location: Africa

EDI: 0.617

The Central African Republic takes us further as we continue to unveil countries that have the worst education systems. CAR educational system has 56.6% adult literacy, and their education levels still have a lot of setbacks. Also, insecurity and violence in the country contribute to educational challenges in the country.

Nonetheless, the United Nation and the government are working hard to restore education in the country to ensure children in the refugee camps attend schools and receive a proper education.

Despite these efforts, there are other challenges such as a lack of basic writing materials such as books for students, and teachers not receiving their wages appropriately. Likewise, there is the issue of low turn-up.

5. Ethiopia

Location: Africa

EDI: 0.622

Ethiopia is an East African country and it occupies the fifth spot on the list with an EDI of 0.622. The country’s educational system is weak and does not efficiently train the pupil and students. The overall enrollment ratio of the student in school is 5.5%.

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6. Eritrea

Location: Africa

The East African country, Eritrea is not left out among the Top Worst Education Systems in the World despite it boasting an adult literacy rate of 67.8% Adult Literacy Ratio.

Sadly, the average student in this country drops out of school before reaching age 10. Another contributing factor is the gross shortage of teachers in recent years.

7. Guinea

Location: Africa

Guinea is next on our list coming in at the seventh spot. The country is here because it has just 38% of its secondary school-age population. Also, there is the failure to pay school fees which hinders children in Guinea to enroll in school.

8. Pakistan

Location: Africa

Pakistan is a middle Eastern Asian country and the only non-African country on the list but has the Worst Education System in Asia.

The country’s education is plagued with too many troubles and it is heavily affected by the country’s strong religious background.

Also, the influence that the militant Taliban have in many areas in Pakistan also affects its education system.

9. The Gambia

Location: Africa

EDI: 0.677

The Gambia brings us further to a stop our listing coming in at the ninth spot with an Adult Literacy Rated to be 50%.

Also, Tertiary Enrollment Ratio is there is only 4.1% for the national education system which encompasses 574 schools.

10. Angola

Location: Africa

EDI: 0.685

Angola closes the curtain in our listing coming in at the tenth spot. However, Angola has an Adult Literacy Rate of 70.1%, which is by far the highest on this list.

More so, the country has a much better education than other countries on this list and it has the chance of improving and getting out of the list soonest if the government continues to foster quality education in the country.

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Those are the country that makes our list of the Top Worst Education Systems in the World. We hope they find solutions and partner with international agencies to revamp their education system.


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