10 Foods That Will Help You Raise Your Libido

10 Foods That Will Help You Raise Your Libido

There are many ways to attract the boy you like as the temperature rises which makes one arrive at how best to raise your libido. Awakening sexual desire is an art and that is why we will guide you in stimulating your senses to achieve maximum excitement.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips to excite your partner and how eating can help you raise your libido and make you enjoy your intimate moments much more.

Tips to excite your partner

  1. Physical appearance: choose a dress, makeup and a hairstyle with which you feel sexy and sensual. We know that men are guided by the visual but we have found that there is nothing that excites more than a woman sure of herself, that she is healthy and that she feels sexy with whatever she wears.
  2. Whisper: choose well the words you are going to say to imagine what awaits you in privacy. Don’t touch him, just come closer, adjust your voice volume and whisper. You will feel that an intense fire travels inside and your sexual energy will skyrocket.
  3. Intense looks: make your eyes talk about what you are thinking. Flirt with your eyes while you touch your hair and you will be excited in seconds.
  4. Use body language: bite your lip delicately, change the cross-leg, cut the distance when you speak. In short, make it connect with your body so that it feels the same fire that you feel.
  5. Let him know that you are excited: if you insinuate yourself with delicacy and elegance, for example, feeling that your breathing accelerates; You will get excited instantly.

If with these tips you can’t get your partner in tune, we recommend that you complement it with these aphrodisiac foods. There are studies that show that there is a certain connection between food and sexual activity. So, take note!

  • Melon: high levels of L-arginine and L-citrulline dilate the blood vessels and allow optimal sexual function.
  • Asparagus: these green stems increase histamine production, which increases libido.
  • Avocado: this valuable fruit is full of vitamin B6, which regulates the hormones necessary for libido.
  • Pumpkin seeds: high levels of zinc are optimal for the production of ovules and sperm.
  • Watermelon: Watermelons contain citrulline, which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow to facilitate erection.
  • Dark chocolate: dark chocolate contains flavonoids that act to improve euphoria and excitement.
  • Garlic: it is a food rich in allicin, which improves blood circulation, erection and libido.
  • Spinach: reduce estrogens in men but increase them in women. They also contain enzymes that improve sperm.
  • Whole grains: whole fibre improves sexual desire much more than normal because of the large number of vitamins that improve muscle contractions.
  • Chilli and spicy sauces: everything that is spicy increases the level of endorphins and causes passion to be unleashed.

This will shift your relationship to a whole new level that you would be happy you did.


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