How to Get a Boyfriend After Divorce – Hot Tips

Many women think that after divorce, they won’t be attractive to guys and this has prompted 9jatodat to come up with tips on how to get a boyfriend after divorce.

After all, it was years of relationship, and you probably stopped flirting during that time.

Furthermore, we still live in a sexist society, which says that a woman, after a certain age, becomes uninteresting.

So, what to do? Is there still time to find out how to get a boyfriend? Of course, yes! And I’ll give you my best tips here!

Just because you broke up doesn’t mean you are not entitled to new love. It is possible to have one, two or countless loves during life.

In this post, you will learn from me:

  • Why many divorced women are afraid of a new relationship;
  • How to get a boyfriend after a divorce.

Come with me!

Why are many divorced women afraid of a new relationship?

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons that make a woman feel insecure to win a new love.

Let’s talk about some of them:

Long wedding

When we are in a conventional marriage, the least that is expected is fidelity, correct?

So, you probably haven’t trained how to meet other men, what to say and everything that involves flirting.

So, with this lack of training, the woman or lady gets poor in discussions related to this – and then the insecurity comes.

However, don’t worry: nobody is born knowing.

And you, who have already married, come in with an advantage: you understand how a long relationship works.

So, if you were not afraid to face a wedding, why would you be afraid to discuss something with a stranger? 

Lack of jobs

Surreal as it may seem, many husbands still forbid their wives to work.

However, some women also prefer to stay with housework and child care.

However, the thing is that, in addition to money, employment brings autonomy, purchasing power and a more active social life. For example, events, workshops and new employees increase your social circle, and provide contact with different people and cultures.

Furthermore, professional life greatly influences self-esteem ! Look, when the marriage ends, the woman finds herself in need of chasing after herself.

However, this lack of contact with different people and time outside the labor market hinder their self-esteem and leave their social circle very limited. 

A lot of time at home

Just like the lack of a job, full time at home also hinders a woman’s self-esteem.

Therefore, it makes her believe that she will never know how to get a boyfriend. 


Insecurity with your own body, with your face, with your clothes, with your intelligence.

When insecurity comes, it attacks completely. So, don’t forget that you must love yourself regardless of men.

So, do activities that make you feel happy with yourself.

Fear of other men

Today we are well aware of how cruel society is to women.

Daily, we see on the internet both offenses against female bodies and news about femicide and scammers taking advantage of needy women.

So how do you get a boyfriend if it’s so hard to trust someone? In the end, it is difficult to know. In fact, people can surprise both positively and negatively.

But whoever wants to win a new love needs to open up! After all, relationship is also trust. Even so, there is little care. Trust your intuition.

How to get a boyfriend after divorce?

Now that you understand what can stop you from getting a new love, come find out with me how to get a boyfriend!

1. Self-care

Right now, when I tell you to take care of yourself, I’m not talking about how you look.

So be the woman you dream of being, regardless of what you see in the mirror. Above all, practice physical activity, take courses, take care of your mental health, go to a dance class.

Have activities that make you proud of yourself! When you feel fulfilled with the things you do, it becomes easier to understand if you really want to change your appearance or if you are throwing your frustrations at it. 

2. Applications

Online dating apps , like Tinder and Happn, can be an advantage for those who still don’t know how to get a boyfriend.

In Tinder, for example, you can put in the description that you are already divorced, which can attract men who have the same experience. It also has location and age restrictions.

If you have children (adults or not), put it in the description. This means that you do not waste time with men with an extremely limited and sexist view of mothers.

Look, believe me, it still happens a lot in apps.

3. Appearance

Men are essentially visual, that is, they are conquered by appearance. So, it is necessary to be well looked after, with a nice haircut and an outfit in which you feel seductive.

So, before going out to seduce someone, do that mount to look wonderful, right?

4. Self-confidence

There’s no point in putting on that powerful dress and flawless makeup if you don’t feel safe with yourself.

You are shy, unable to talk as you would like and even your posture reveals insecurity. So, an important step to know how to get a boyfriend: have posture!

The upright spine and relaxed shoulders already give you a greater sense of confidence – the way you behave influences your self-perception.

In addition, a confident posture is much more seductive. Believe in yourself!

5. No comparisons

“No one will be interested in me with so many young women”, “those girls are much more beautiful than me”, “I won’t even try, the competition is huge”.

My friend, have you ever stopped to think about how these limiting thoughts are making you lose countless opportunities in your life? Stop comparing yourself with other women!

You are not in a competition and men are not a prize. The woman’s life would be much happier if she saw the other as a friend, not a rival.

Furthermore, this competition only brings frustrations, because it only exists in your head – and any woman can be seen as an opponent.

6. Sincerity

Don’t pretend to enjoy hiking in the morning or cooking just to please a man.

Seriously: it’s terrible to spend the whole time trying to guess what attracts a guy just to pretend to like it. Be sincere, do what you want and attract people who are aligned with who you really are. 

This does not mean, of course, that you should not try different activities.

You may think you don’t like to dance gaff, for example, but have you tried? 

7. Comfort zone

And getting on the hook of the previous topic, I say to you: take a chance!

Anyway, try new activities and accept the invitation for a different activity (if only to know that you didn’t like it and that you will never do it again!). Getting out of your comfort zone can transform your life.

8. Cultural and social activities

Do you know the main tip on how to get a boyfriend? Get out of the house!

While apps can be accessed anywhere with Wi-Fi, a less homely life will help you become more confident and increase your cultural repertoire.

Therefore, the options are numerous: cinema, theater, shows, dance shows, bars and even ballads can be great places for you to meet people.

And better: you can go to all these places alone. Incidentally, who knows, by chance, you may not find someone interesting and leave accompanied?

9. Physical activities

First of all, physical activity is essential for both the health of the body and that of the mind.

It improves heart rate, skin quality, physical endurance, lean mass, mental health and even s3x quality

Swimming, dancing, martial arts, gym – there are countless options for activities that will make you healthier and expand your social circle.

But regardless of the type, seek medical attention before starting it.

10. Grace period

There is that kind of woman who, after the separation, is so afraid of not knowing how to find a boyfriend who ends up clinging to the first man who appears. Of the two, one:

  • He will feel suffocated and run away;
  • He will take advantage of this shortage and manipulate it.

So be careful: don’t let the need dominate you. Above all, don’t get attached to the first man who gives you a compliment, let alone put up with bad treatment for fear of losing it.

You have overcome a separation, you don’t have to undergo it.

11. Friends

At first, many times, a relationship causes us to distance ourselves from our longtime friends.

With the separation, we ended up reconnecting with these people and wondering why we stayed away for so long, didn’t we?

So, take advantage of your circle of friends to go out, have fun and even to get tips on how to get a boyfriend.

Because if you still don’t have single or divorced friends, it’s time to win them over, huh!

12. Happiness

Did you notice that most of my tips on how to get a boyfriend are more about self-care than about the achievement itself? The happy woman is much more attractive!

It shows that you don’t need a man to be satisfied with yourself.

Do you want to be a conquering woman? Start by seducing yourself. Be happy!


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