10 Funny Superstitious Beliefs In Nigeria

Nigerians are known to be very superstitious and most of these superstitions are very funny and seem interesting. Here are a few superstitions by different tribes in Nigeria

The crossing of ropes

A particular set of Nigerians don’t believe that they should pass under a rope used for drying clothes outside…instead some of them turn their backs and pass under it, others close their eyes and pass under it while a few don’t pass under at all.

Coming Down

 A lot of Nigerians don’t like saying the word coming down especially when going down the stairs and someone asks them ‘are you going downstairs?’ and they reply ‘I am not going down in Jesus name I am going up’..but virtually the is actually going down the stairs. But due to spiritual reasons or negative vocal declaration, they don’t use the word.

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Crossing Someone

They also believe that when they cross someone usually a person lying down, the person’s body will cut off, and this can be reversed by the person lying down cross them in return.

Placing Knives or Cutlass at a Door Post

It is also beloved that when they place knives or cutlasses at a doorpost it drives away evil spirits and witches.

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Using a broom to beat up someone

 They also think that only witches are to be beaten up by brooms and not ordinary people.

Itchy Palms

Nigerians also have this superstitious belief that when you have itchy palms that a huge amount of money is about to get to you. to make it even further weird, some oldies will advise not to scratch the palm as doing so, you are scratching the money off. instead of scratching, you are advice to clap.

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Whistling at night

Growing up under a highly superstitious parent you will receive beating if you can’t control your mouth, especially at night. as whistling they believe attracts evil spirits.

Sleeping face-up

Nigerians believe that when sleeping, don’t face up as facing up makes s you prone to the manipulations of evil demons that hover around at night.


Its often believed that when you sneeze, someone is calling you. mostly, they believed that your loved ones are calling you or talking about you somewhere.

Answering a call

Answering a call only to realize that nobody present actually called you, it’s believed you have just answered a ghost’s call.


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