Importance and Benefits of Waist Beads

Here, you will read about the importance and benefits of waist beads. You will be surprised it is more useful than your thoughts.

Waist beads are commonly used by African women, especially in countries like Ghana and Nigeria. It is used for many purposes and is also believed to be part of African customs.

Waist Beads

Waist Beads are beads full of blended colors used by many women around the hip, waist, and bum area. It’s used for various reasons by these women depending on their intentions and circumstances. Waist Beads has many names like “Bebe Idi”, “Ileke Idi”, (ileke waist beads) “Bin Bin”, “Giri Giri”, and so on depending on the language.

What are The Benefits of Waist Beads?

1. Ornamental uses and Adornment

One of the basic benefits of waist beads as attached by women is for beautification. Waist beads are used to bring out the body shape in a sensual manner.

Another waist beads benefit close to the adorning uses, is when it’s used to improve the body image. Women who hate their body particularly the stomach use waist beads in adorning it. With its sparkling and fascinating colors, it’s capable of increasing the woman’s perception of her body. Adorning the female body with waist beads can improve her self-esteem and confidence.

2. Show Love and Care

Most men love beads and would like to see it on their partners’ bodies. So, men give their women beads to profess love and show affection.

Most parents also indulge their kids and daughters by giving them waist beads. To show their love and care.

3. Attraction – Waist Beads Benefits

Another benefit of waist bead is s*xual appeal. Waist beads serve as an enchanting tool capable of attracting male s*x to the female. The waist bead is capable of making a sensuous sound, which can attract the attention of whom the intention is to attract.

4. Weight Control

Another waist beads benefit is weight control. Some women put the waist bead on, just to measure and watch their weights. It’s used to keep track of body shape and figures. Once the bead is getting tighter, it means she is adding weight but if it’s loose then no weight is added.

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5. Spiritual Protection

In Yoruba Culture, some women buy and use waist beads to protect themselves from s*xual diseases and pregnancy. It’s believed to serve as a spiritual and magical charm that is capable of protecting them from diseases.

Meanwhile, they also buy for their kids(both male and female) to reduce childhood ailments.

6. Royalty

Another benefit of waist beads is distinguishing Royalty from other people. Royal families use beads a lot including waist beads. It’s a means of standing out and identifying themselves, especially for Queens and Princesses.

The Importance of Waist Beads in Love Making

1. S*xual Attraction

Before lovemaking, there has to be an attraction between the two s*xes. As said earlier, waist beads can help to achieve these. It makes the female more s*xual appealing. With it’s fascinating to look at when exposed outside, it’s capable of enticing the males. Most fatal seducers use waist beads as one of their tools.

2. S*xual Libido

A man who is attracted to the body of his partner is capable of producing more s*xual urges and activities. With the help of waist beads, a man’s s*xual desire can be heightened and stimulated. So, one of the benefits of waste beads is, it increases sexual libido.

3. Foreplay Tool

For partners who love engaging in foreplay before penetration. Waist beads can serve as a foreplay tool for the man. It can be rubbed upon, use to stimulate and tease your partner. It’s can also sharpen both the woman and the man’s moods when used as a foreplay tool.

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4. Fertility

Another benefit of waist beads is enhancing fertility. Some women due to traditional beliefs wear waist beads, with the aim of getting pregnant. Due to this belief, it impacts a woman’s mood during lovemaking, which increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Unlike the popular biased belief towards who uses waist beads. There are many benefits of waist beads which are healthy for society. Not necessarily used by a prostitute, Ogbanje, and other bad characters as some believed.

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