15 Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are many symptoms of pregnancy that can inform you earlier whether you are pregnant or not. Even though the actual evidence of pregnancy is the pregnancy test or Ultrasound, these pregnancy symptoms do help a lot.

Some women are usually anxious not knowing if they are truly pregnant or not. With some of the symptoms of pregnancy listed below, you will have your answers without any test or scan.

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

1. Missed Period

This is one of the classic early signs of pregnancy popularly used as an indication by many. If you miss your period for a whole month or more, it may be that you are pregnant.

Even though this pregnancy symptom is commonly used by women, it can be misleading for those with irregular cycles.

2. Light Spotting

Some women do complain of seeing their period during pregnancy, but there is a low probability of it happening. Because it is expected that every period to stop after conception.

What most women take to be their period during pregnancy is Implantation Bleeding. This Implantation bleeding is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy which normally appears as a little spot of blood and lighter than the menstruation blood.

It takes less than 3 days and also occurs during the woman’s menstrual period as the fertilized egg becomes attached to the uterus lining.

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3. Tender and Swollen Breast

A pregnant woman’s breasts within the first weeks of pregnancy began to feel fuller, sorely and sensitive to touch. There is a presence of discomforts as she touches the breast because of the hormonal changes.

The discomfort may later reduce in the coming weeks as the body begin to adapt to the changes. There is also an obvious change in the shapes. You may want to pay attention to your breast to detect any of these early symptoms of pregnancy.

4. Nausea and Vomiting

Vomiting is one of the common early symptoms of pregnancy which is popularly referred to as Morning Sickness. Some women with morning sickness have nausea with it while some do not.

This is also primarily because of the bodily hormonal changes. Eating little frequent meals and avoiding anything that may cause these pregnancy symptoms like spicy food, pungent odors.

5. Frequent Urination

This is another early pregnancy symptom where the pregnant women urinate excessively even after taking little or no water. If you are experiencing this with other pregnancy signs, it may be that you are pregnant.

6. Fatigue

Of course, pregnant women are always tired and feel sleepy even with little or no activities. This is the effect of progesterone on the body which results in fatigue as one of the early signs and symptoms o pregnancy.

Feeling tired and sleepy with little or no activities may be pointing out you are pregnant. You need to watch it.

7. Moodiness

Mood swings are also part of the common signs of pregnancy experienced by most pregnant women. It may be in the early stages of pregnancy or even the latter stages.

8. Bloating

This is also one of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. If you constantly feel fuller with water without even taking too much. It’s your hormones acting up, confirming to you that you are pregnant and showing this sign.

Even though bloating is also one of the early signs of menstruation, it’s also a classical symptom of pregnancy.

9. Reduced Appetite and Cravings

During pregnancy, due to the hormonal changes, many pregnant women witnessed changes in taste as well as sensitivity to Odors.

The reduced appetite and weird cravings may occur in the early or late pregnancy stages depending on the body makeup.

10. Constipation

Many pregnant women find it difficult to pass stool frequently. Constipation also presents as one of the early signs of pregnancy due to the body and hormonal changes.

At this point, the pregnant woman is expected to take a lot of water with fruits and vegetables to relieve constipation.

11. Cramping

Similar to menstruation cramps, pregnant women also experienced pregnancy cramps depending on the woman’s body.

12. Nasal Congestion

Nasal Congestion may occur as one of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy materializes as a stuffy and runny nose. The hormonal and blood level increase in the woman’s body causes this.

It may even result in a dry, bleedy, and stuffy nose.

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13. Salivation

Salivation is also a common pregnancy symptom among women. During pregnancy, most women may have to deal with excess salivation with no causes. Most of them have to use a small container for spitting.

Even though it’s one of the normal disorders of pregnancy, you can relieve it by chewing bitter leaf sticks, gums, kola, and washing of mouth frequently.

14. Increase in Body Temperature

It’s not uncommon to see pregnant women basal temperature rises. It’s one of the early symptoms of pregnancy that is most ignored. This is because it needs frequent measuring with observation.

15. Headache and Backache

For some women, one of the early pregnancy symptoms may be backache or headache, or even both.  With a lot of rest and little activities, these pregnancy symptoms are likely to resolve.

More on Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Other signs and symptoms of pregnancy may include an increase in heart rate(Palpitations), heartburn, difficulty in breathing, excess vagina discharge, dizziness, leg cramps, and so on.

Even though these symptoms of pregnancy can indicate and confirm your pregnancy status. But it doesn’t take the place of pregnancy tests and ultrasound tests in the hospital. We advised you to take them for confirmation for early preparation of your Antenatal care.


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