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15 Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are many symptoms of pregnancy that can inform you earlier whether you are pregnant or not. Even though the actual evidence of pregnancy is the pregnancy test or Ultrasound, these pregnancy symptoms do help a lot. Some women are usually anxious not knowing if they are truly pregnant or not. With some of the

Cost of Tooth Extraction, Scaling and Polishing in Nigeria

What is tooth extraction? How much does scaling and Polishing cost in Nigeria? The cost of tooth extraction, scaling, and Polishing are the things we’ll discuss in this article. Scaling and Polishing is a professional way of removing plaque and excessive stains from your teeth. Teeth polishing is done immediately after scaling in a bid

How to Take Care of Your Hair at Home

Care for the hair Is a basic requirement for females and males alike. There are several hair diseases that have posed lots of problems to humans. But here are little guidelines on how to tackle these issues and come out with positive results. How to Take Care of Your Hair at Home Hair dandruff Dandruff is

5 Simple Skincare Tips for Better Skin

Looking for Simple Skincare Tips for Better Skin that will give you the radiant skin you desire? Maintaining a solid skincare routine is essential especially if you would like to stay looking and feeling healthy. As a matter of fact, simple, daily skin-friendly habits can go a long way in giving your skin a healthy

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Irrespective of the availability and affordability of water compared to other fluids, the Health Benefits of Drinking Water far outweigh all others! One of the most overlooked parts of staying healthy is the act of drinking water. Virtually every cell and organ in your body needs water to function at its best. About 60 percent

How to Prevent and Eliminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are problematic household pests and they feed on blood. They are sneaky, being located in folds of mattresses, picture frames, among other similar places. That way they become difficult to find at first. However, in this post, we will show you just How to Prevent and Eliminate Bed Bugs without breaking the bank.

8 Best Weight Gain Supplements in Nigeria

Most of the best weight gain supplements in Nigeria works by boosting the appetite. It also increases the rate at which you eat, to make fat or flesh deposition easier. Mainly, they help in giving the required body nutrients necessary for growth to the users. If you are looking for a good weight gain supplement