5 Tonto Dike’s Relationships That Have Hit The Rocks

Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood actress and philanthropist Tonto Dikeh, known not only for her beauty and enviable career, is also known for the series of dramas she emits from her daily activities

It is no longer news that the 34 year old woman is not very good with her relationships with people. She has often confirmed that she has no friends.

Three years ago, while attacking Uche Maduagwu, Tonto revealed that she has no friends, however, it seems that she does a good job of making more enemies annually due to her pointless attitude.

While many attributed this attitude to his ability to be frank with people, others attributed it to pride and, at times, to her unchallenging attitude to other people’s feelings.

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Here are some relationships with TontoDikeh that hit the rocks;

Tonto Dikeh and Michael Awujola (Malivelihood) – Tonto Dikeh in 2014/2015 wouldn’t let us rest, posting so much about his Boo that he continued to present her with treasures. She tried to hide it, but she couldn’t do it while the love seemed so strong. Ended Abruptly, and not as beautifully as the old lovers had shaded themselves for a long time.

Tonto Dikeh and Anita Joseph – The two actresses used to be very good friends. Their relationship started at an unexpected time, but they did a lot together in a short time. It has always been, Tonto, Anita and, of course, Bobrisky. They attended events together, ate and dined in each other’s comments section. Ended just like it started, and we’re still in awe.

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Tonto Dikeh and Toyin Abraham – It is still a surprise to many that actress Tonto and once best friend, Toyin Abraham have also fallen. This still remains a mystery, as the friendship lasted with all the “My sister” and “My love” that we heard from both parties. It’s so bad that, even when the whole world celebrated with Toyin, Tonto looked away.

Tonto Dikeh and Toyin Lawani – This relationship was beautiful, as well as the fight was ugly! Tonto and Toyin were great friends. Shared secrets, shared costumes, attended shows and more, but when it was over, all hell was lost! To date, they are still sworn enemies!

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Tonto Dikeh and Jeremiah Ogbodo, also known as Swanky Jerry – After the consequences of Tonto and Toyin, Tonto and Swanky (who used to work with Lawani) became best friends. The friendship was so deep that they seemed more like lovers. When Tonto was getting married, Jerry was so excited that he insisted on being Tonto’s main bridesmaid. They called themselves ‘Bestie’. Unfortunately, it ended and they never looked back!

Today, we can say that Tonto Dikeh has only one friend and that friend is Bobrisky. Interestingly, when Tonto fights a person, Bobrisky does the same!

What loyalty!


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