Coronavirus: We Contributed To Our Problems In Nigeria – Says A Netizen

A social media user has blamed Nigerians for every unpleasant happening in the country.

According to the netizen, Idennaa, who is identified with the Twitter username ‘@Mario24063412’, Individuals in Nigeria contributed to every challenge being faced in the country.

See his post below;

This media understands that Idenna has said so to react to a report onĀ SEGA LINKS, which alleged that a Pharmacy was discovered to be selling a Sanitizer at the rate of N19,950.

A report which garnered different reactions from Nigerians as reported earlier by 9jatoday.

Idennaa in his submission noted that people are taking too much advantage of the Coronavirus disease to inflate the price of sanitizers and face mask in different markets and medical shops, making life unbearable for citizens.

See other reactions below:

Is Idennaa making any sense with what he said above? Do you have a contrary opinion to his claims? Please comment below and don’t forget to follow 9jatoday for daily happenings in Nigeria under all categories.


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