9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account

Instagram is a social networking site where you can share your photos or video privately or publicly. Interestingly, Instagram has a business account designed for business owners for their online businesses. An integral aspect of social media is to have a strong number of followers which will let you reach out to a wider audience. Therefore, if you are interested to get real followers for your Instagram business account, you should read through this article centered on 9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account in Nigeria from beginning to end.

9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account

Instagram is one of the social platforms with a high number of followers making it a green channel to build your business. It is not enough to have an Instagram Business account but to also have a voluminous number of followers to make up you engaged audience. If you are interested to know How to get more Followers on Instagram, below are 9 steps which we have provided for you.

  1. Create a captivating profile
  2. Regular post of engaging content
  3. Use the relevant hashtag
  4. Use quality filters
  5. Promote your Instagram presence on other social sites
  6. Engage with existing communities
  7. Use compelling captions
  8. Instagram live collaboration
  9. Promote your Instagram business account
  • #1. Create Captivating Profile

Create an eye-catching profile that your audience will be interested in should be your first priority. You shouldn’t skip any detail such as your name, username (your Instagram business name that people would refer to you with). Also, don’t forget to include your website URL (if you have an active website) so that users can easily be directed to your website. Don’t forget to include you bio which is about 150 words. Make sure you write contents that will convince people on why they should follow your page. Your bio content should be a brief description of your business. It should be brief, simple, and concise to read.

Do this and you will soon find out that creating an engaging profile and bio is an instrumental step on How to get more followers on Instagram.

  • #2. Regular Post of Engaging Content

Among the 9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account in Nigeria which we have propounded is the posting of engaging and captivating content. Content is everything if you are serious about getting the mass follower that you need for your business page. Also, you need to consistently and continually post new, interesting, and engaging contents that will keep socialites glued to your page and also refer new users to visit your page. Don’t do it once a week or in a month. If you can’t post contents daily, a minimum of 4 times a week will do.

Also, ensure that you do not just post anything or anyhow content on your page because you wouldn’t want socialites to open your page and all they see is boring content.  It is important that you post contents that will present your business in a pleasing manner that will facilitate your followers to contact you for patronage.

  • #3. Use the relevant Hashtag

Remember that your aim is to get followers for your account, don’t lose sight of that and one of the major things you need to do is use a relevant hashtag. The use of hashtags is important and makes it easy for social media users to search for specific terms to find your photos. You can use popular Instagram hashtags within your photos so as to get an edge to reach new users and be discovered. Some of the popular hashtags on Instagram include: #love, #instagood, #photooftheday , #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #like4like, just to mention a few.

  • #4. Use Quality Filters

Another step that you ought to take when considering How to get more followers on Instagram is to use quality filters. As you know, people are attracted and easily moved by what they see, that’s why you shouldn’t ignore this step. Filters help improve the look of your photos adding customized and a more personalized touch. Adding filters to your pictures sure has its way to attract more followers who love following quality work.

Note that some photo filters are more favorable than others that’s the reason why you need to check how a particular filter looks before you finally apply it.

  • #5. Promote your Instagram Presence on other Social Media Platform

Still interested to know How to get more followers on Instagram, you should also consider promoting your Instagram presence on other social media platforms. You should also check out other social media platforms where you perceive your target audience might be present and post your Instagram Business link, intimating them to follow the link to visit your Instagram Business page and as well follow you there. Make sure you already have existing content on your page before you engage in using this strategy.

  • #6. Engage with Existing Communities

Another strong significant method you can employ to get followers for your Instagram Business is to engage with existing communities. I see this step as a “scratch me I scratch back” thing. To do this, you need to be involved in other people’s posts by liking, and commenting on, and as well as sharing content from other credible users in your community. This method has proven to be helpful time and again and it is used by many influencers that you know of making it one of the formidable steps among the 9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account in Nigeria.

  • #7. Use Captivating Captions

Captions have a way of attracting and motivating people to visit your page and read through your content. This method is very effective on most social media platforms including Instagram Business. Your captions should be unique so that people will users will be eager to read the full contents. Make your captions interesting and always make use of a use a call to action in your posts to inform people what you want them to do. Making use of compelling allows people to engage your post more and even compel them to share with it their followers on other social media platforms, giving you the fame, you need.

  • #8. Instagram Live Collaboration

We are almost getting to the tail end of our discussion which is showing you How to get more followers on Instagram. Another major step you might want to consider doing an Instagram live collaboration. This step is very effective in getting new followers and to also sell your product or service. However, before embarking on this step you need to have done your homework properly and be sure you have mastered the content you want to speak on.

One of the benefits of doing an Instagram Live Collaboration is that followers are notified when an account they follow starts live broadcasting, making it an effective step.

  • #9. Promote your Instagram Business Account

Bringing us to the final step in our discussion on the 9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account in Nigeria is to promote your Instagram business account. Splashing a little cash to promote your account is worth it and you will surely get you the massive followers and audience you need. More so, promoting your account will allow you to reach the target audience for your page.

You need to bear in mind that implements your paid promotions, make sure you use the perfect call to action to tell people the right thing you want them to do.

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Conclusion on 9 Ways To Get Followers For Your Instagram Business Account in Nigeria

We have come to the end of our discussion on 9 Ways to Get Followers for Your Instagram Business Account in Nigeria and we hope you enjoy it and had fun while reading. These steps are surely effective and will help you cover large ground on the social media platform but, as you know it takes time and resources to get you the followers you need. You need to put in all effort because nothing good comes easy. Also, it is not enough to win new followers over to your page and then relax, no! you need to put in more effort so as to keep them.

Let us know what you think about this article and how helpful it is by giving us feedback.

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