Management 101: Tips on How to Manage a Small Business

Our concern in this piece of informative writing is on Tips on How to Manage a Small Business. Managing a small business requires your utmost attention and putting in all your best so that the business thrives and expands. As such, proper management is crucial to the survival of every business. Those interested to learn how to Manage a Small Business will find this article beneficial because it contains management tips that will help them manage their business successfully.


Management is an integral aspect of every business and it shouldn’t be taken likely. That is why business owners, especially small-scale businesses should try at every cost to train and acquire good management skills and abilities that will help them leads their venture into a success story. Below are 9 Tips on How to Manage a Small Business.

  1. Manage your time very wisely
  2. Be organized
  3. Hire for attitude. Train for skill
  4. Assign responsibilities when necessary
  5. Invest enough in marketing
  6. Set realistic goals and targets
  7. Monitor your books
  8. Separate business & personal finances
  9. Build solid, lasting business relationships
  • #1. Be able to Manage Time wisely

Time, they say is money and it is a great asset for small businesses. It is important that you learn how to spend your time wisely because time wasted cannot be gotten back. Identify activities that waste your time, especially those that do not contribute in any way to the success of your business, and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

  • #2. Be organized

Another important tip you need to know as you want to learn how to Manage a Small Business is to be organized. The organization is key in small business. Try by all means possible to stay organized and be well structured. One effective way to stay organized is to have a To-Do List where your entire schedule for each day is noted down, including the time. This makes it possible to know what to do, where to visit, and at what time you should. Mind you your to-do list should be in 3 categories: Items you need to buy, tasks that need your attention, and lastly minor activities that you can do during your free period.

  • #3. Hire Employees with Positive Attitude

Taking us further in our quest to learn how to Manage a Small Business is to employ staff not just for their skill but also for their attitude. Don’t make the mistake most businesses have made by employing staff for the sake of their skill and neglecting their character, this can be bad for business. Employees who lack positive character can drive away clients thereby reducing the rate of patronage. So, when next you want to employ new staff, make sure his/her attitude is in check just as the skills he or she will bring to the table.

  • #4. Assign Responsibilities when Necessary

The next Tip on How to Manage a Small Business is to assign tasks when necessary. Small business owners should learn how to assign tasks that can easily be handled by a team member. This simply means that you should give to an employee task at his/her best strength and interest lies so as to get the maximum and best result for the job. Don’t try to do everything by yourself but learn to delegate responsibilities to your employees.

  • #5. Invest Enough in Marketing

Marketing is key in every business and small businesses are not exempted and that is why you have to invest in marketing your business. been a small business and you probably lack the finance you need for marketing, you can start by word of mouth approach which is very effective especially when you have a great product and service. You can also employ digital marketing solutions that will help advertise your products on the internet especially on social media platforms. Don’t neglect this step as you learn how to Manage a Small Business because it is very important.

  • #6. Set Realistic Goals and Targets

As we continue to reel out strategies that will help you learn how to Manage a Small Business, we also think it wise that you should learn how to set goals and targets that are achievable. It is good to aim big but nothing is wrong with starting small and setting goals that are not overwhelming while you keep aiming at the big picture.

  • #7. Monitor your Books

Managing your financial record is an important aspect of managing your business. That’s why you need to learn how to handle your financial books perfectly and this should be done regularly as possible. An excellent way to do this is to invest in an online accounting platform that will help you keep track of all your business financial transactions both revenue and expenditure.

  • #8. Separate Business & Personal Finances

Taking us further in our discussion on the Tips on How to Manage a Small Business is a tip on separating your business from personal finances. True, you shouldn’t mix both up but let there be a clear demarcation of both so as to avoid spending your business finance for personal use. Steps to take include putting yourself on a salary, create a separate bank account for your business, and get a business credit card.

  • #9. Build Solid & Lasting Business Relationships

You need to build a network for your business and this can be achieved by creating a relationship with people in your niche including investors, peers, employees, and of course customers.

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Conclusion on Management 101: Tips on How to Manage a Small Business

There you have it, 9 Tips on How to Manage a Small Business to grow and expand most importantly to keep it from folding up. It is paramount as a business owner to possess managerial skills that will help keep your business up and running as well as turning leads to prospects. We hope you adhere to the tips provided in this article to get the result that you need.


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