A Business Guide for Best Days for Holiday Sales

The best season of the year everyone is waiting for is here- the holiday season and for most business owners, it’s their season of raking in more sales and turning pitched customers into purchasing ones.

In the eCommerce and in-store business history so far, some special days have remained amazing days for immense sales and brand promotions like the black Fridays and cyber Monday.

Before you should be thinking of making your business rake in more sales on these special days, there is some customized advice you will have to take which will contribute to your business growth and achievement of goals.

To begin with you should know business thrive well on the internet, meanwhile, if you’ve not been thinking of owning a website and running an online presence then it’s not too late to rise up for action.

If your website, ensure you optimize it to be mobile-friendly since 50% of online shoppers shop with their mobile phones. Your website should be neat, easy to navigate and quick to load.

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Segment your consumers these days by knowing what they want, what interest and satisfying them with the provision. Put social media campaign running into your plans and ensure your digital ads are calling enough to bring your willing customers to your in-store.

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Also, remember you can stand out amidst competitors and bigger businesses by giving special offers over some of your unique goods as that will turn the consumer’s and customer’s eyes towards your place.

Now I’m sure you’re willing to know those days ti make your business rake more sales using these marketing ideas. Below is a run down a list of best days for holiday sales.


1. Black November Sales.

Since November is the month closer to December. The 1st to 30th of November used to be those amazing times to rake in sales. Even, most online shoppers go more sooner shopping for what they want starting from October. Nonetheless, you can still run up your plans and make your customers stay with you until the holiday is over.

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The 24th of November is the worldwide black Friday, it’s the last Friday in the month of November. As it’s dated in history, it’s the day after Thanksgiving. And it’s recorded to be the blockbuster day in the history of eCommerce as many went out on Friday mornings and return home from stores in the black night. Apple gadgets, clothing, toys kitchen items, large appliances, and pieces of jewelry sell faster on this day.

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3. Cyber Monday Sales.

The next day you should be thinking of after Black Friday is Cyber Monday. It’s the day everyone has gone on a weekend, enjoying tours, at the beach, camping and fun party and they are starting their new week with plans of getting what they needed. With just a touch of the ‘Order’ button, customers want to have their products delivered to them since it’s believed to be their most important priority for the week. Black Fridays’ product sells well on Cyber Mondays too.

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4. Boxing Day Sales.

Like any other best days to sell, boxing day is always the 26th of December, the day after Christmas. Business owners believed that most of their customers have missed what they intended to buy before Christmas and are yet busy looking for opportunities to buy discounted products while the holiday is still on. Having that in mind, boxing days would be a good day to sell your goods and services while considering the needs and demands of your customers.

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Before you put your products on the eCommerce website. You should come to the table and identify which inventories would be discounted, have a deadline countdown time plugin on your website as this will awaken the urgency in the heart of your customers. Using all those mentioned ideas, I hope your business would stand out this holiday season and dub you an esteemed brand.


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